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The Spanish alphabet is, basically, made up of the Latin alphabet with a few special/additional letters.

The vowels are sometimes marked with an acute accent. This indicates a stress - either when it doesn t follow normal grammatical rules or in order to differentiate otherwise similarly spelt words.

So ... how many letters are there in the Castilian Spanish alphabet?

This is not such an easy question to answer, as the Spanish Royal Academy is always changing its mind!

At present, according to the Real Academia Espa ola (RAE) or Spanish Royal Academy - which is the official body deciding these matters - there are 27 different letters in the alphabet.

Up until 2010, there were 29 letters, comprising the same letters as the English alphabet, plus the letters ch, and ll.

Then, in 2010, the Academy decided that ch and ll would no longer be considered separate letters, meaning the Spanish alphabet now consists of 27 different letters.

Traditionally, there was also a separate letter rr in the Spanish alphabet, but this is no longer considered a letter either.

When looking up Spanish words in older dictionaries, you may well discover that words beginning with ch, ll and rr have separate listings and are not included under the letters c, l and r.

Occasionally, reference books and dictionaries do not include w or k listings, for these letters tend to be used almost exclusively in words of foreign origin.

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But, for now, here you have the 27 letters of the Spanish alphabet ...

Alphabet Letters In Spanish - 27

a, b, c, d,

e, f, g, h, i,

j, k, l, m,

n, , o, p, q,

r, s, t, u, v,

w, x, y, z.

Alphabet Letters In Spanish - Names/Pronunciation

And, here you have each letter with its pronunciation ...

  • a - a - similar to the a in bat
  • b - be - close to an English b but softer, and in between a b and a v
  • c - ce - before an i and an e either like the th in thin or the c in center, depending on area/country; elsewhere like a k
  • d - de - close to the d in day, but more muted
  • e - e - rather like the e in bet
  • f - efe - same as an English f
  • g - ge - before an i or e similar to the ch in loch; otherwise like the g in get
  • h - hache - silent, except for the occasional foreign word
  • i - i - like the i in machine, but a bit shorter
  • j - jota - similar to the ch in loch or a harsh English h sound
  • k - ka - same as the k in ask
  • l - ele - like the l in let
  • m - eme - like an English m
  • n - ene - like an English n, but slightly muted
  • - e e - similar to the ny in canyon
  • o - o - close to the o in obey, but a little shorter
  • p - pe - similar to the p in port
  • q - cu - close to an English k sound
  • r - ere - like an English r but with a slight trill; a double r has a stronger trill
  • s - ese - like an English s
  • t - te - similar to the t in tea, but slightly softer
  • u - u - like the oo in pool but shorter, except in combinations of gue, gui and qu, where it's silent
  • v - ve - in between an English b and v
  • w - uve doble - used only in foreign words, where the pronuncation is similar to but softer than an English w
  • x - equis - similar to a ks sound, except certain words like M xico, where it's pronounced like a Spanish j
  • y - i griega - like the y in yes, except when standing alone, and then it's like the ee in feet
  • z - zeta - depending on the area/country, either like the th in thin or the c in center

Letters That Used To Be In The Spanish Alphabet

  • ch - che - like the ch in church
  • ll - elle - like the y in yes

Alphabet Letters In Spanish - Common Mis-Spellings

The pronunciation of certain Alphabet Letters In Spanish leads to common mis-spellings in the Spanish language.

For example, the Spanish do not differentiate much between b and v which means that a b is often written instead of v and vice versa.

With the letter h, because it is silent in the spoken word, it is sometimes - wrongly - omitted in the written word.

The letter c should be pronounced as th when it precedes an i or an e in Castilian Spanish.

However, because this is not always done, it leads to mis-spellings between c and z.

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