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things to do in barcelona

"Barcelona sightseeing tours - browse this wonderful selection of tours in barcelona and discover the delights of Spain's second city ..."

You'll find Barcelona - capital of the region of Catalu a and Spain's second city - a really amazing place to visit.

Much as I love Madrid - Spain's capital - I do prefer Barcelona.

And I'm not alone in this ... for Spain's glorious second city beats the country's capital as far as numbers of visitors go.

Visit this enthralling city and you'll enjoy a wonderful atmosphere, unique art, plus sophisticated shops.

What's more, you'll discover plenty of beautiful places nearby.

"Below, We've Highlighted The
Most Popular Tours In Barcelona For You ..."

Then, after these - towards the end of the page - you'll discover links to a more complete range of tours, excursions and activity trips on offer to you in and around this exciting city.

Will you be arranging your own accommodation in Spain?... Then we recommend this excellent hotel search engine to find top deals.

Before you enjoy browsing through the tours, you may like to read about things to do in Barcelona, or learn a little about Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi and his unusual creations.

Barcelona sightseeing tours - do-it-yourself

Are you an independent type ... prefering to go at your own pace and do your own thing?

Then consider these interesting and affordable options ...

Barcelona sightseeing tours - day-time

Will this be your first visit to Spain's second city?...

Why not consider a traditional sightseeing tour, introducing you to the main sights ...

Barcelona sightseeing tours - night-time

Experience the excitement and glamour of Barcelona by night ...

Barcelona sightseeing tours - antoni gaudi

You can't visit the Catalan capital without enjoying some of Antoni Gaudi's works ...

barcelona walking tours and cycling tours

Why not combine sightseeing with another activity? ...

On this page, we've concentrated mainly on the most popular, short, Barcelona sightseeing tours.

But, those of you visiting Barcelona should really aim to browse through the exciting variety of tours on offer in and around the city - wine tasting ... hands-on cookery workshops ... hot air ballooning ... You'll really find a tremendous selection at the links just below ...

Click here for the widest selection of tours, including tailor-made tours.

And here you'll discover affordable, mainly shorter excursions.

Learn more about ...

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