Basque Country landmarks -

Basque Country landmarks are many and varied, and its people friendly and hospitable.

What a shame that terrorist activities of a few Basque Separatists have given a rather bad name to this marvelous region and its wonderful inhabitants.

Euskadi - as the Basque Region is known locally - is home to the provinces of Vizcaya, Guip zcoa, and lava.

In the north of Spain, overlooking the Cantabrian Sea, it occupies the eastern part of the Cantabrian Mountains - between the Pyrenees and the Valley of the Nervi n.

Vitoria is the region s capital city - located in the province of lava.

Other main cities include Bilbao - capital of Vizcaya - and the cosmopolitan San Sebastian - capital of Gup zcoa.

The Basque people are the oldest traceable ethnic group in Europe and their unique language - Euskadi - means "collection of Basques".

A relatively mountainous region, it also possesses a superb coastline, unspoilt by tourism.

With its glorious historical background and rich heritage, you ll find some of Spain s most beautiful castles.

In 1997, Frank Gehry s impressive Guggenheim Museum was opened in Bilbao - really placing the city on the map.

Whether you prefer to play golf, surf, watch a bullfight, ride horses in the countryside, laze on a beach or concentrate on culture ... the Basque Country can accommodate you.

And the cuisine is absolutely magnificent!

Basque Country landmarks - popular places

  • San Sebastian
  • Bilbao
  • Vitoria

  • popular sights

  • Royal Palace of Miramar - San Sebastian
  • Cathedral of the Good Shepherd - San Sebastian
  • Santa Mar a Church - San Sebastian
  • San Telmo Museum - San Sebastian
  • Guggenheim Museum - Bilbao
  • Museum of Fine Art - Bilbao
  • Old Quarter - Bilbao
  • Augusti Palace - Vitoria
  • Palace of Ajuria and Enea - Vitoria

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