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Finding cheap air travel to Spain should not be a problem as the country's a tourist hot spot. Those of you looking for cheap air flights to Spain might like to click on the graphic above ... you'll be taken to a search engine which will check hundreds of airline companies and show you the best deals going.

Meanwhile, on this page, you can have a look at our guidelines for getting the best flights to Spain from both the USA and the UK.

Cheap Air Travel To Spain From The USA - Review

Are you flying from the United States? If this is the case, you've a number of popular sites devoted to discount air deals. Let's review the main ones ...

Skyscanner - is the easiest-to-use airfare search engine, quickly and consistently presenting you with the lowest fares going. Industry experts and the majority of reviews claim this to be the best flight search engine.

You can check out their site here.

Priceline - is well-known in that you decide how much you're willing to pay for your flight.

It's a good idea to shop around before visiting Priceline so you know your prices. Then, once at Priceline, bid a good 15% lower than the cheapest fare you found elsewhere.

In theory this sounds great but, in practise, Priceline has been much criticised - flights leave at odd times and require multiple connections ... once you specify a price you can't back down ... no cancellations, refunds, exchanges ... fees and surcharges often high ... poor customer service ...

Hopefully, Priceline will take these criticisms seriously and improve its service.

Skyauction - is another site where you can bid on airfares - plus other travel deals. Your best plan is to use the same technique as for Priceline, although many customers end up overbidding.

As with Priceline, it's not always clear exactly what you're getting ... and customer service is not all that terrific.

Both Priceline and Skyauction may be better for other travel deals - there's not always much margin on flights for reduction.

Unless you've only a few days left to book your flight, chances are you'll find better deals elsewhere.

Hotwire - negotiates special prices with its partners for unfilled seats, passing some of these savings onto its customers.

Rather slow and heavy-going to use, with prices often cheaper elsewhere. Useful for checking prices before bidding at Priceline and Skyauction.

cheap air flights to spain from uk and ireland

Airline companies have been falling over themselves to quench that ever-increasing thirst for cheap flights to Spain, and new routes seem to be popping up all the time from the UK and Ireland.

Discover all main airline companies offering direct flights from the UK to specific airports in Spain on the appropriate page about that airport - just click on the links in the box below.

Not only will you find airline company information ... there's also full coverage about the airport, taxis, transfers, car hire ...

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Cheap Air Travel To Spain - Business and First Class

Interested in information about other types of air travel classes - such as Business and First Class? Then check out the reviews at the following links:

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