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La Rioja region of Spain

Resting in the north-east of Spain, the pretty, one-province La Rioja region is the smallest of Spain s regions - but the greatest as far as wine s concerned.

Rich in history, culture and nature, the actual name La Rioja derives from R o (River) Oja, which is a tributory of the River Ebro - Spain s longest river.

This world-renowned wine-producing region - with more than 500 bodegas/wineries - has the Roman river port of Logro o as its capital.

The area can be divided into two - Rioja Alta, with its higher rainfall and milder climate ... Rioja Baja, which is hotter and more arid.

Its fertile plains have been producing fine wines since Roman times, along with high quality fruit and vegetables.

But La Rioja is not only a gourmet-lover s dream.

Spectacular scenery and fine nature reserves form the perfect background for enjoying outdoor activities - hunting, fishing, mountain climbing, hiking ...

Its rich history and World Heritage sites beckon to those interested in Spain s culture.

A large section of the pilgrim route of Santiago Way or Way of Saint James lies within La Rioja, offering several superb monumental towns.

Logro o - its capital - is on the Camino de Santiago route ... the medieval town of Santo Domingo de la Calzada with its beautiful cathedral ... San Millan de la Cogolla with the famous Suso and Yuso Monasteries - the latter the supposed birthplace of the Castilian language.

Centrally-situated Laguardia is a picturesque, medieval-walled town.

Haro, with its Battle of the Wine (Batalla del Vino) fiesta, is close to the many bodegas and centre of wine production.

La Rioja also offers the best dinosaur traces in Europe at the Paleontology Centre in Enciso, with its trail of prehistoric footprints and fossils.

La Rioja region - popular places

  • Logro o
  • Haro
  • Laguardia
  • San Millan de la Cogolla

  • La Rioja region - popular sights

  • San Millan de la Cogolla - Yuso and Suso Monasteries
  • Santo Domingo de la Calzada - Cathedral
  • Laguardia - walled town
  • Enciso - Paleontology Centre
  • Haro - Battle of the Wine

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