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The Magic of Spain, Issue #004 - Newsletter
February 26, 2005

It s Linda Plummer here from

to deliver your monthly update on
Spain via the newsletter "The Magic
of Spain".

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1. Refurbishing The Apartment.
2. Tours of Spain.
3. Holiday Words In Spanish.
4. Electronic Dictionaries - 40% Discount!

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This newsletter is meant to be sent
out once a month but I have to apologize
as it is much longer than this since
I last sent it!

The main reason for the delay is that
I have been painting out an apartment
I own in Benidorm and getting it all
"ship-shape and Bristol-fashion"!

I live just outside Benidorm in a
place called Alfaz del Pi, but I
have four apartments in Benidorm
(on the Costa Blanca) which I let
out on long lets to people living
and working here - as opposed to
short, holiday lets.

They are by no means top-drawer,
luxury apartments. But, I do try
to keep them clean, comfortable and
in good condition so that tenants
can make a little home of them for
the duration of their stay.

Anyway, one became empty recently
and I thought it was about time
I did it out ... hence the
newsletter is late!

That s my excuse and I m sticking
to it!

* * * * * * * * * *


When I originally chose the name
of my website "Top Tour of Spain",
it was with the idea of it being
a virtual tour of Spain - an
informational site about the
country rather than offering actual
tours of Spain.

However, I get a lot of people
visiting the site who are
looking for actual tours to do
whilst they are on holiday in

Consequently, over the last
couple of months, I have been
hunting around for tours of Spain!

One company I have discovered
supplies a wide variety of tours,
lasting from half day excursions
up to a 7 day tour of northern
and southern Spain.

It is a reputable company, the
tours are accompanied by English-
speaking guides recognized for
their knowledge, and the prices
seem very good!

As well as sightseeing tours,
you will find cycling tours,
football tours, bull-fighting
excursions, flamenco trips,
discotheque tours ...

You will find several links
leading to these tours and
excursions dotted throughout
this page:

* * * * * * * * * *


This month, let s concentrate on a
few words which could come in
useful when holidaying in Spain.

el pasaporte .......... passport
la maleta .......... suitcase
el avi n .......... airplane
el vuelo .......... flight
el hotel .......... hotel
el cuarto .......... room
cuarto de ba o ..... bathroom
la ducha .......... shower
la llave .......... key
la cuenta .......... bill
el desayuno .......... breakfast
la cena .......... dinner
el almuerzo .......... lunch
pensi n complete .... full board
media pensi n ....... half board

* * * * * * * * * *


So ... which Spanish dictionary should
you buy for your travels to Spain?

Thanks to modern communications
technology, you no longer have to hump
heavy paper dictionaries around with
you on your travels!

The latest thing is to carry a light,
portable, electronic talking

I have managed to get a 40% discount
on a wide variety of Ectaco
Spanish/English electronic
dictionaries/translators for you.

However, this offer is for a
limited time only so, if you have
been thinking about buying an
electronic dictionary, I suggest
you make the most of it!

You can find details at the
following page and, if you click
on the link towards the end of
the page, you will find even more!

Once again, it is a very sound
company, who ship their goods
worldwide, with free shipping for
the USA and Canada. (Sorry Britain!)

Once you have those dictionaries,
I won t need to bother including
Spanish words in this newsletter
for you to learn!

* * * * * * * * * *

So, if you live in a part of the
world where it is cold and grey
during these winter months, don t
let it get you down ... just start
planning your holidays in sunny Spain!
That should cheer you up!

Should you know of anyone who is
interested in Spain, I hope you
will forward this newsletter to
them or suggest they sign up for
it at:

And, if you wish to contact me,
you can email me at:

Meanwhile, all the best and
keep happy!

* * * * * * * * * *
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