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Magic of Spain, Issue #010 Newsletter
March 12, 2006

Itīs Linda Plummer here from

to deliver your monthly update on Spain via the
newsletter The Magic of Spain!

Two years have passed since the tragic terrorist
attack in Madrid when 191 people lost their lives.

It seems only yesterday that my daughter
was frantically phoning a friend in Madrid to
check that she was OK - fortunately she was.

Because it is the anniversary, and because
we were recently in Madrid, I thought Iīd
dedicate this monthīs newsletter to that
incredible city ...

* * * * * * * * * *

We live on the Costa Blanca, close to the
tourist resort of Benidorm.

Although I love living here, I enjoy
tremendously a trip to the capital because
itīs such a magnificent change for me!

Less laid-back ... more sophisticated ...
everyone on their toes! And the shops!

My daughter had been saving up her euros
well in advance, so that she could spend
them all on clothes. So had I!

I have to confess that my daughter and I
do not get on terribly well when we go
shopping together! We tend to squabble!

Itīs alright if I do as Iīm told and just
trail after her, looking at the clothes
she likes. The problems arise if I get
ideas above my station in life and want us
to go in shops of my choosing!

Fortunately, we didnīt have a lot of spare
time to trudge round the shops as we were
busy sight-seeing.

I expect you know all about the sights to
see in Madrid. If you donīt, you can
check them over at the url below.

The great thing about Madrid is that there
are so many other interesting places not
too far off ... El Escorial, Valley of the
Fallen, Toledo, Avila, Segovia, Salamanca,
Alcazar de San Juan ... to mention just
a few.

Youīve also got the high speed AVE train,
connecting Madrid and Seville - ideal for
seeing the two sides of Spain.

Thereīs great flamenco in Madrid and a
wonderful night life - if you have the

I look forward to going again in May,
when weīll also visit the charming
cobbled streets of Spainīs former
capital - Toledo. It should be a
little warmer up there by then!

* * * * * * * * * *

I think Spring has finally arrived on
the Costa Blanca! The sun has been
shining, itīs warm, and Iīm tucking my
woollies away until next winter!

However, all the rain weīve had recently
does mean that the countryside looks lovely
and green. And all the almond trees are
in blossom.

So, I think Iīll leave you until next
month and go and enjoy the sunshine!

If you want to join me in Spain, you all
know that you can find plenty of info about
it at:

Until the next time!


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