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So You Want To Work In Spain ...
June 17, 2007

Linda here with your latest Top Tour of Spain
Newsletter, covering:

- Work In Spain
- Do I Need A work Permit?
- 7 Ways To Find A Job In Spain
- When All Else Fails ...
- Want To Be On Channel 4's "A Place In The Sun"?



The summer sun seems to have woken the dream in many
of your hearts to come and work in Spain - we've
received several emails about this.

So, let's look at rules governing work in Spain,
types of employment on offer, plus ways of finding
yourself a job ...



Basically, there are two sets of rules governing
employment in Spain - those which apply to EU
members; and those relating to non-EU members.

EU members are free to come here and look for
work - or accept employment before arrival - on
the same terms as a Spaniard.

Non-EU members will need a visa and work permit.

Whether you're an EU member or not, your employer
should advise and help you with paperwork procedure.

The main thing is to secure a job ...



Let's look at ways to find work in Spain ...

1. Holiday Companies.

If you speak Spanish or have experience with children,
apply to large holiday companies in your home
country for work as a holiday rep or kiddie minder
with their company in Spain.

2. Come Over On Holiday.

Youngsters from EU countries could book a holiday
to one of Spain's tourist hot-spots and search
for seasonal work once here ...

- Visit the discos, local British bars and restaurants.

- Scan vacancy sections in local English press such
as the "Costa Blanca News" and "Sol".

- Keep your eyes open for notices in shop/restaurant
windows offering employment.

- Talk to other youngsters living and working here.

3. Internet.

Finding employment via the internet can be
competitive, but there are some good sites about.
Check out the following ...

- (look under section on Spain)

4. Hotel Work.

Get in touch with hotel chains such as
Melia Hotels, Novotels, Sol Group.

Do a search on the internet for "hotels
spain" and get in touch with individual hotels
direct, not forgetting that smaller and
more rural hotels may have more difficulty
finding staff.

Check out internet sites specialising in
hotel work, such as:


5. Domestic Work/Au Pairing.

"The Lady Magazine" is a great magazine for
finding this sort of work - both in the UK and

Offline, the magazine has heaps of ads, but
you'll also find a few online at:


Other sites to check out are:


6. Teaching.

If you're a fully-qualified, English-speaking
teacher, either apply to suitable agencies
in your home country, or do a search on the
internet for "international schools spain"
and send them your CV.

TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language)
holders should do the same, but search for
"english language schools spain".

7. Study And Work Programs.

- offers a variety of
work-and-learn courses, including au pair work,
hotel work, work expertise, and voluntary work.

- offers a 4-week Spanish
course followed by work placement lasting
a minimum of 3 months. However, you need
to be a member of the EU or from Norway,
Iceland, or Switzerland. It's also fairly



Still can't find work in Spain?

Stay in your home country, start a website about
something you know and love ... monetize it ...
and build yourself a flourishing, profitable
business on the Net.

This guide shows you how ...

Stick at it steadily, then bring your laptop out
to Spain - your income will be in your computer.



Readers from the UK will know all about the
popular television program on Channel 4 called
"A Place In The Sun".

Sean Loughlin - who works on the program - is
having trouble finding house hunters to
participate in a new series being filmed this

So, if you're planning to buy a dream home in
Spain and want to appear on the hit show, get
in touch with us and we'll pass your details
onto Sean.

You need to:

- live in the UK
- be seeking a dream holiday home
- specifically in the ZARAGOZA area of Spain
- have a budget of GBP 100,000
- be in a position to buy this summer


That's all for this month.

See you next month!


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