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Top Tour of Spain Newsletter
August 16, 2007

Linda here with your latest Top Tour of Spain

In this month's issue, we'll be following a "tomato"
flavour, with

- La Tomatina Fiesta in Bu ol
- Recipe for Gazpacho
- FREE Download of the Month



Last month, Spain was celebrating the risky
"Fiesta San Ferm n" or "Running of the Bulls"
in Pamplona.

This month, we continue with the fiesta scene ...
for it's now the turn of "La Tomatina"!

La Tomatina is an extremely messy, but popular,
celebration taking place in the picturesque
town of Bu ol - just 40 kilometres east of the
Mediterranean city of Valencia.

Wednesday, 29 August is kick-off day this year.

It's held in honour of the town's patron saint
and the Virgin Mary, and is one of Spain's more
unusual fiestas ... for the celebrations involve
the largest tomato fight in the world!

During the two hours or so that the fight normally
takes to complete, inhabitants and visitors will
hurl some 125 thousand kilos of squashed tomatoes at
each other!

Just don't go dressed in your Sunday best if you're
planning to participate!

At the start of the day, local inhabitants wisely
prepare for the day's festivities by covering their
buildings with protective sheeting!

Then, a ham is placed at the top of a greasy pole,
the fight only beginning when someone has scaled the
pole and brought the ham down.

Once that's been achieved, water cannons are fired,
allowing the fight to begin in earnest.

Perhaps washing powder companies should test out
their products there?! Any powder capable of
getting out all those tomato stains really would
be worth buying!



Following on with tomatoes as our main topic,
here's a wonderfully easy recipe for a typical
gazpacho - that icy-cold, Andalusian soup, so
popular here in summer.


- 250 gr ripe tomatoes - skinned and chopped
- 1 red or green pepper - cored and diced
- 1 small cucumber - peeled and diced
- 1 raw egg (optional)
- 100 gr fresh breadcrumbs
- 2 cloves garlic - peeled and chopped
- 50 ml olive oil
- 2 tablespoons white wine vinegar
- Seasoning


1. Place all ingrediants, plus a little cold water,
into food processor.

2. Whiz until smooth.

3. Beat in sufficient water to form a "soupy" consistency.

4. Chill in the fridge, and serve icy cold.

Find plenty more tasty Spanish recipes at:



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That's all for this month.

Keep happy, and see you next month!


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