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Top Tour of Spain Newsletter
May 05, 2013

Out here in Spain it's been Mother's Day
to-day (first Sunday in May), so this is going
to be rather a short newsletter ... the reason
being that I was taken out for a meal, and have
had a little too much red wine! Never mind!

Of course, all the restaurants were packed out
with children taking their mothers out for a
meal. It was also rather difficult to find a
place to park. But, I think a good time was had
by everyone ... I certainly enjoyed myself!

A big thanks to everyone who "liked" our new
Facebook page, which you'll find at:

If you pop along to it, you'll see that I've just
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copy and paste into your browser.)

Well, that's it for now ... it just remains for
me to wish anyone who's a mother, anywhere in the World,
a wonderful day, and a wonderful year ahead.

All the best,

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