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Top Tour of Spain Newsletter
June 16, 2013

Summer seems to have finally arrived in Spain,
and the weather here is wonderful at the moment.

Last night, I went out for a meal with friends in Benidorm
(the main tourist resort on the Costa Blanca), and everywhere
seemed to be awash with people ... and we're not even into
July and August yet, when things really get going.

Everyone is always going on about the terrible recession
here in Spain - which is true - so it was great to see
people out enjoying themselves ... and spending money! We
need to keep our businesses open!

San Fermin Fiesta - Running of the Bulls Pamplona
Preparations are underway for one of Spain's best-known
fiestas ... San Fermin, or the running of the bulls in

It doesn't start until 6th July, but lots of work needs to
be done in order to get everything ready. Read about it

(If you unable to click on the above link, please copy and
paste into your browser.)

Kindle Books
Am busy writing a new Kindle book at the moment ... this
one will be dealing with Spanish verbs, simplifying the
learning of them.

Apart from explaining about how to master Spanish verbs,
the book will also contain links to free downloadable
flashcards. Subscribers to this newsletter will also be
be able to download many (though probably not all) of these
flashcards. So, if you're keen to get the hang of Spanish
verbs, keep an eye open for the free flashcards (and also
my up-and-coming Kindle book, of course!).

Sales are going quite well on my first Kindle book -
Top Spanish Names Guide. I'm sure that many of the
buyers are subscribers to this newsletter, so a big
"thank you" to you all.

The download links for Amazon US and Amazon UK
are as follows:

Holiday Apartment in Benidorm
Lettings are going well on the 2-bedroomed apartment
I have in Benidorm, and which I now let out on short
holiday lets:

I'm now pretty much booked up until the end of the year,
with just the odd week here and there still available.

Well, dear readers, that's it for the time being. Hope
you're all enjoying your week-end, and that the weather's
good where you are.

All the best,

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