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244 FREE Spanish Flash Cards For You
August 15, 2013

Many of you have been buying my latest Kindle book -
"Conquer 918 Spanish Verbs" - at its special, low
introductory offer. Thank you all so very much,
especially to those of you who've emailed me to say
how much you like it and how it's helped you - so very
good of you to take the time out to do this. :)

I'll soon be putting the price of the book up, so
thought I'd better just send a quick email warning
you all of the up-and-coming price hike, in case there
are still a few planning to buy it ... It will go up
over the week-end, when I have a spare moment to see
to it!

The link for Amazon USA is:

The link for Amazon UK is:

Or, you can just search for the ASIN number
B00EAM4HJO at your local Amazon store.

As readers of the newsletter, the 244 flash cards
which go with the book will still be available for
you to download, whether you purchase the book or

You'll find the download page for the flash cards by
clicking on the following link:

(If you're unable to click on the above link, just copy
and paste to your browser.

Enjoy the summer ... it's a national fiesta here in
Spain to-day!

All the best,

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