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Weather in Spain varies tremendously from place to place - largely because of its huge variety in altitude.

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When dreaming of Spain, you probably visualise a hot, bright sun shining down out of permanently clear, blue skies - winter and summer alike!

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Spain does lie in a temperate zone, and it's true that - during the summer months of July and August - there's a good chance of blue skies and warm to burning hot sun throughout most of Spain.

However, depending on the area you visit, you're going to discover a variety of climes - Alpine through to Oceanic, onto Mediterranean and up to Subtropical.

As a rough guide, the area north of the Cantabrian Mountains - the Basque Country, Cantabria, Asturias, Galicia - is wetter and cooler. This results in a lush, green landscape and is why the area is known as "Green Spain".

South of the Cantabrian Mountains, the climate becomes hotter and drier - temperatures in Seville in the summer can really soar.

You'll find one of the most stable climates in the Canary Islands - they're renowned for their year-round, pleasant temperature. As the saying goes: "It's always Spring in the Canaries!"

But, on the whole, temperatures do vary considerably in Spain, so don't be disappointed!

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Weather in Spain

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