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benidorm shuttle - on this page, we look at ways to get from Alicante Airport to Benidorm, using transfer companies, the airport bus, and taxi ... we also recommend good search engine sites where you can find the best prices for cheap flights and car rental ...

If you've come to this page, it's more-than-likely that you've booked a holiday in our 2-bedroomed apartment in Benidorm.

Below, you'll discover answers to such questions as how to get from Alicante Airport to the apartment, where to look for cheap flights, and where you can go to check out the best prices for car rental.

Even if you're not renting our holiday apartment, any of you planning to fly to Alicante Airport in order to vacation on Spain's Costa Blanca will find the information on this page of interest.

Let's start off by considering how you're going to get from Alicante Airport into Benidorm and, for those of you staying in the 2-bed apartment, how to find your way to the apartment block itself.

First of all, we'll take a look at Benidorm shuttle services ...

benidorm shuttle and airport transfer

Although there's an excellent bus service, which runs directly from Alicante Airport to Benidorm (more on this further down), if you're staying at our holiday apartment, I think your best option is probably going to be one of the affordable Benidorm shuttle services which runs between the Airport and the resort.


... Because, if you use the Benidorm shuttle, it's more-than-likely that you'll be able to get dropped off at the Hotel Princesa, which is just 25 yards or so down the road from the apartment block.

Having said that, it is possible that - due to traffic - the Benidorm shuttle will drop you off at the bottom of the road, and not directly outside the Hotel Princesa, which will mean that your walk will be about 40 yards or so.

Either way, if your luggage has wheels, and if you're not too overloaded, it should be a relatively simple matter to gently walk up to the Las Acacias 2 apartment block, where I will be waiting for you up in the apartment.

Remember that I'll have my mobile phone with me so, if you do get into difficulties, you can always get in touch!

Which Benidorm shuttle service to use?...

... When researching the main airport transfer companies, we thought that Click Transfers was the most affordable as far as Alicante-Benidorm trasnfers were concerned.

They also offered private transfers at interesting prices.

Click Here To Check Out Shuttle Prices.

You should also be able to get them to drop you off at the Hotel Poseidon Palace, which is close to the apartment block, and is where most of our visitors are dropped off. Failing that, the Hotel Plaza is also close.

But, what if you want an affordable transfer option without having to drag your luggage around?...

... In this case, we suggest you catch the bus, which runs direct from Alicante Airport to Benidorm Bus Station, and then catch a taxi from the bus station to the apartment block ...

taking the airport bus rather than benidorm shuttle

At the time of writing, the bus which runs direct from Alicante Airport to Benidorm costs just over 8 euros per person, each way, and there is one every hour from approximately 8 am until just before 11 pm.

There is no need to book the journey from Alicante Airport to Benidorm in advance. You just walk out of Arrivals, cross the road, and you should find the appropriate bus stop pretty easily.

Normally, you'll discover quite a few Brits waiting at the bus stop, and you can always check with them that you're in the right place.

The bus will probably stop in Benidorm at either two or three places ... one will be the main Bus Station, and it might also stop in avenida Europa or avenida Jaime Primero.

It doesn't really matter which stop you get off at, as all are a pretty similar distance to the apartment.

However, whichever you choose, you'll need to catch a taxi to the apartment block, and you'll probably find it easiest to get a taxi from Benidorm's main bus station.

This taxi journey should cost you no more than a few euros.

Although you don't need to book your Alicante-Benidorm ticket in advance - you pay once on the bus - you will need to buy your return journey to the Airport in advance, allowing 45-50 minutes for the trip.

You can buy the ticket at Benidorm Bus Station.

For up-to-date information about this bus and any other Spanish national buses, check out the Alsa website.

taking a taxi instead of benidorm shuttle

Obviously, the easiest but most expensive method of transfer from the Airport to Benidorm, is by taxi.

Just walk out of Arrivals, look for the white taxis, get in, give the driver the address, and off you go!

It's ages since I last took a taxi to/from the Airport, but I believe the present price is around 65 euros for the single trip.

If you wish to take a taxi back to the Airport at the end of your holiday, I'm more-than-happy to phone for one for you.

This also applies if you're using the airport bus, as you'll need a taxi to get from the apartment to the bus station.

However, do be aware that, in Benidorm, it's impossible to order a taxi in advance - say the night before you plan to leave - so, this I will not be able to do.

When you want a taxi, you phone for it, wait in the street until it arrives - which normally only takes a minute or two - and in you get!

As you can see, paying for a taxi from and to the Airport takes up quite a chunk of your holiday money.

So, rather than taking a taxi, hiring a car may appeal to you. This is covered in the next section ...

benidorm car rental

This winter - probably because of the recession - car rental prices in Bendiorm have been amazingly cheap ...

... When checking out prices recently, I thought I'd made a mistake, and that the prices mentioned were per day, not per week!

Obviously, these prices rise considerably during peak summer months.

Because of the location of the apartment, there is really no need for a car - you should be able to walk to most areas of Benidorm.

Also, if youj fancy going further afield - to Albir, Altea, Alfaz del Pi, La Cala, Guadalest etc - you're only a few minutes' walk from Benidorm's main local bus stop, where you'll find buses that take you to all these places.

However, for one reason or other, some of you may prefer to hire a car for the duration of your stay.

To get the best prices, it's best to organise and book this before your holiday, rather than book it once you're in Spain.

Click here to be transferred to a car rental search engine, where you can compare prices of numerous car hire companies

When browsing prices on the above link, do check the small print and make sure you know exactly what is included in the price - for example, insurance.

And, whilst we're on the subject of car rental, just one word of warning ...

We do not offer private car parking, so you'll have to make do with street parking and, in peak summer months in particular, finding a free space next to the apartment block can be a bit of a problem.

cheap flights to alicante airport

There are now many companies offering cheap flights to Alicante, and it can be a bit of a nuisance going through them all to see which offers the best price.

For this reason, we suggest you use a good flight search engine, where comparing prices is a simple matter.

Those of you who have already booked the apartment may well have your flights booked already but, for those of you who haven't, just click on the link below to be transferred to Skyscanner's search engine ...

Click here to be taken to the Skyscanner flight search engine, where you can find the best flight offers going.

benidorm shuttle - related pages

And, remember, you can learn all about our 2-bedroomed holiday apartment in Benidorm for rent, and view photos of it, by clicking on the following link ...

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