bullfighters who have died in bullfights

Just for a change, below is a list of some of the bullfighters who have died in bullfights ... followed by a few basic Facts on Bullfighting.

Many visitors to Spain get extremely upset about the cruelty of the country s national sport.

For these, and for all the bulls who have to participate, I dedicate this page, which takes a little look at some of the bullfighters who have lost their lives, along with the names of the bulls responsible!

For aficionados of the intricate sport of bullfighting, I hope you'll enjoy the r sum and terminology of a traditional corrida de toros - which can be found towards the bottom of the page.

Also, a colorful selection of Pictures of spanish bull fighting, which you'll find on this page.

bullfighters who have died in bullfights

Of course, toreros are wounded fairly frequently in the profession they have chosen - some more seriously than others. But, here are the names of bullfighters who have died in bullfights.

- 11th May 1801 - Jos Delgado ("Pepe Hillo"),
killed by the bull Barbudo.

- 20th April 1862 - Jos Rodr guez ("Pepete"),
killed by the bull Jocinero.

- 16th May 1920 - Jos G mez ("Joselito"),
killed by the bull Bailador.

- 7th May 1922 - Manuel Granero,
killed by the bull Pocapena.

- 11th August 1934 - Ignacio S nchez Mej as,
killed by the bull Granadino.

- 28th August 1947 - Manuel Rodr guez S nchez ("Manolete"),
killed by the bull Islero.

- 26th September 1984 - Francisco Rivera ("Paquirri"),
killed by the bull Avispado.

- 30th August 1985 - Jos Cubero ("Yiyo"),
killed by the bull Burlero.

Of the bullfighters who have died in bullfights, Manuel Rodr guez S nchez - or Manolete - was probably the most famous, with the Museum of Bullfighting in C rdoba (his home town) dedicated to him.

Francisco Rivera was also very popular and one of his sons - Francisco Rivera Ord ez - follows in his father s foot-steps as a top, present-day matador.

Let us hope he doesn t join his father on the list of bullfighters who have died in bullfights!

Facts on Spanish Bull Fighting

Spanish-style bullfighting is called a corrida de toros - literally a "running of bulls".

In a traditional corrida, three matadores (also called toreros) each fight two out of the total of six bulls.

Each bull is at least 4 years old and weighs up to 600 kg.

Each matador has five assistants - two picadores (lancers) mounted on horseback, and three banderilleros.

Collectively, they comprise a cuadrilla or team of bullfighters.

The corrida has three distinct parts or tercios.

In the first stage, the two picadores - mounted on heavily protected and blindfolded horses - stab the bull with a lance.

The aim is to weaken the bull and damage his neck muscles.

In the second stage - the suerte de banderillas - the three banderilleros each attempt to plant two colored harpoons into the bull.

Again, this is to weaken the neck and shoulder muscles of the bull. Some of the more skilled matadores will often do this themselves.

In the third and final stage - the suerte de matar - the matador (literally meaning "killer") enters the ring with a small red cape or muleta in one hand and a sword in the other.

He uses his cape to attract the bull in a series of passes, demonstrating his control over it.

He finally stabs the bull between the shoulders and through the heart.

If he fails in this, he must then cut the bull s spinal cord with a second sword, killing it instantly.

Although the bulls are big and strong, with one matador plus five assistants all against them, it is no wonder that the list of bullfighters who have died in bullfights is much shorter than the list of bulls who have died!

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