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English to Spanish equivalent names - Are you expecting a gorgeous baby boy, and looking for that perfect Spanish name? Then be inspired by the list of Spanish boy names which you'll find on this page. Perhaps you're hoping for a girl? Then, check out the link at the end of this page, which will take you to a list of female Spanish names. Or, maybe you want in-depth information?... The Spanish baby name book is surely for you. Enjoy!

Below you'll discover a list of relatively well-known Spanish male names, complete with their origins and meangs. The majority are fairly traditional names, of Hebrew, Greek, Latin and Germanic origins

Some, such as Benigno, Clemente, Donato, and Eligio have a religious flavour, having been used by Saints and Popes.

On the other hand, if Art and Literature are more your cup of tea, names like Pablo (Picasso), Miguel (de Cervantes), and Federico (Garc a Lorca) could appeal more.

Or, if you have a passion for Latin American leaders, how about Fidel (Castro)?

Browse the list and see if any appeal ...

english to spanish equivalent names - A-E

AAR N (Hebrew) - high mountain, mountain of strength
ALBERTO (Germanic) - shining brilliance
ALEJANDRO (Greek) - defender of mankind
ALFONSO (Germanic) - ready for battle
LVARO (Germanic) - noble guardian, guardian of all
ANDR S (Greek) - man, warrior, courageous
AURELIO (Latin) - golden
BENIGNO (Latin) - kind, he who does good deeds
BENJAM N (Hebrew) - son of my right hand
BERNARDO (Germanic) - strong, brave bear
BRUNO (Germanic) - brown, brown-haired
CARLOS (Germanic) - freeman, farmer
CELESTINO (Latin) - celestial, heavenly
CLEMENTE (Latin) - merciful
CRISTIAN (Latin) - follower of Christ
CRIST BAL (Greek) - bearing Christ
DANIEL (Hebrew) - God is my judge
DAV D (Hebrew) - beloved
DONATO (Latin) - gift of God
EDMUNDO (Old English) - prosperous protector
EDUARDO (Old English) - prosperous guardian
EFRA N (Hebrew) - fruitful
ELIGIO (Latin) - he who has been chosen by God
ENRIQUE (Germanic) - home ruler, ruler of the household
ERNESTO (Germanic) - earnest, serious; battle to the death
ESTEBAN (Greek) - crowned

english to spanish equivalent names - F-J

FEDERICO (Germanic) - peaceful ruler
FELICIANO (Latin) - fortunate, happy
FELIPE (Greek) - lover of horses
FERNANDO (Germanic) - daring, adventurous, bold voyager
FIDEL (Latin) - faithful
FULGENCIO (Latin) - he who shines and stands out
GABRIEL (Hebrew) - devoted to God
GERALDO (Germanic) - mighty spearman
GREGORIO (Greek) - vigilant watchman
GUSTAVO (Scandinavian) - staff of the Goths, royal staff
H CTOR (Greek) - steadfast
HERNANDO (Germanic) - daring, adventurous, bold voyager
HUGO (Germanic) - heart, mind, spirit
IGNACIO (Latin) - fiery, ardent, burning
JAVIER (Spanish) - owner of a new house
JORGE (Greek) - farmer
JOS (Hebrew) - Jehovah increases
JUAN (Hebrew) - God is gracious
JULI N (Latin) - youthful; Jove's child

english to spanish equivalent names - K-O

KISTUR (Gypsy) - skilful rider
LEANDRO (Greek) - lion man; brave as a lion
LEONARDO (Germanic) - lion strength
LUC O (Latin) - light, bringer of light
LU S (Germanic) - famous warrior
MACARIO (Greek) - happy, blessed
MANUEL (Hebrew) - God is with us
MATEO (Hebrew) - gift of God
M XIMO (Latin) - greatest
MIGUEL (Hebrew) - who is like God?
MOIS S (Hebrew) - drawn out of the water; saviour
NEANDRO (Greek) - new man; young and manly
NICOL S (Greek) - victorious people, people of victory
OCTAVIO (Latin) - eighth

english to spanish equivalent names - P-T

PABLO (Latin) - small; humble
PASCUAL (Latin) - born at Easter or Passover
PEDRO (Greek) - rock
PL CIDO (Latin) - serene
PR SPERO (Latin) - fortunate, successful
QUENTIN (Latin) - fifth
RAFAEL (Hebrew) - God has healed
RAMIRO (Spanish) - judicious
RENATO (Latin) - reborn, born again
RICARDO (Germanic) - rich and powerful ruler
RODRIGO (Germanic) - famous ruler, famous power
RUB N (Hebrew) - behold, a son
SALVADOR (Latin) - saviour
SERGIO (Latin) - attendant, servant
TEODORO (Greek) - gift of God
TOM S (Greek/Aramaic) - twin

english to spanish equivalent names - U-Z

UMBERTO (Germanic) - brilliant strength, renowned Hun
VICENTE (Latin) - victor, conquerer
VIDAL (Latin) - alive, vital, full of life
WILBERTO (Germanic) - bright will
XOAN (Hebrew) - God is good
YAGO (Hebrew) - he who supplants, substitutes
ZACAR AS (Hebrew) - God remembered, the Lord recalled

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