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I think a particularly nice fact about spain is that its regions or autonomous communities offer such tremendous variety.

There are 17 altogether - each with its own flag - and they are divided into 50 provinces.

Above is a map of regions of spain and below a brief guide to each one - in alphabetical order.

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fact about spain - andalucia


Largest region situated in the sultry south, it is composed of eight provinces, each named after its capital city - C diz ... C rdoba ... Jaen ... Huelva ... Almer a ... M laga ... Granada ... Seville - the latter also being the regional capital.

An area of great geographical diversity, it has a fantastic amount to entrance the visitor - majestic mountains, beautiful beaches (Costa del Sol), sophisticated cities, and whitewashed villages.

Home to flamenco, it is noted for its color, fiestas, and exotic Moorish history.

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fact about spain - aragon

In the north-east and consisting of three provinces - Huesca ... Zaragoza ... Teruel - with the city of Zaragoza as the region s capital.

Aragon is one of the most history-rich regions of Spain, steeped in folklore and bull-fighting tradition.

It has a friendly, welcoming people and is known for its energetic and light-hearted dance - la jota.

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fact about spain - asturias

Another north-easterly region but a one-province community - with Oviedo its capital.

The Costa Verde or Green Coast - as the picturesque, yet unspoilt, Asturias coastline is known - is one of the major attractions of northern Spain.

A prehistoric land - numerous cave paintings illustrate - brimming with history, monuments and architecture.

Also famous for its scrumptious cider - so take a glass and discover the novel way they pour it out ...

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fact about spain - balearic islands

In the Mediterranean Sea, off the coast of Valencia, consisting of three major islands - Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza - plus three smaller ones - Formentera, Cabrera and the uninhabited Dragonera.

Offering a temperate climate plus fine beaches, you ll discover caves of extraordinary beauty - Drach and Arta Caves in Mallorca ... Xoroi Caves in Menorca.

Mallorca is the largest island and home to the attractive Balearics capital - Palma.

Ibiza attracts young (and not-so-young!) party-goers.

Menorca is the most serene major island with much of it government-protected.

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fact about spain - basque country

Euskadi - as it is known locally - overlooks the Cantabrian Sea and is home to the provinces of Vizcaya ... Guip zcoa ... lava with Vitoria as the regional capital city.

A relatively mountainous region, it has a wonderful historical background with some of Spain s most beautiful castles coupled with fantastic rural tourism.

Whether you prefer to play golf, surf, watch a bullfight, ride horses in the countryside, laze on a beach or concentrate on culture ... the Basque Country can accommodate you.

Great gastronomy!

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fact about spain - canary islands

Off the north coast of Africa in the Atlantic Ocean, there are two capitals - Santa Cruz in Tenerife and Las Palmas in Gran Canaria.

Consisting of seven larger islands - Tenerife, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, la Palma, Gomera, Hierro - there are other smaller ones such as Graciosa, Alegranza and Lobos.

Very mild winter climate and vast sandy beaches are just two reasons for their popularity.

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fact about spain - cantabria

In the north and part of wonderful Green Spain, this one-province region has the splendid city of Santander as its capital.

Its most notable natural landmark inland is the Cantabrian Mountain Range.

On the coast, the most striking scenery is formed by the Major and Ajo Capes.

Cantabria offers a magnificent contrast of landscapes and remains unspoilt.

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fact about spain - castilla-la mancha

In the very center of the Iberian Peninsula encompassing the provinces of Guadalajara ... Cuenca ... Albacete ... Cuidadreal ... Toledo.

Its capital is the charming city of Toledo - ancient capital of Spain. What a gem of a city!

Other places of interest include Albacete - well-known for wine - and Cuenca with hanging houses, Gothic Cathedral and Museum of Abstract Art.

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fact about spain - castilla y le n

Covering much of the north, this large region consists of the provinces of Le n ... Palencia ... Burgos ... Soria ... Segovia ... vila ... Salamanca ... Zamora ... Valladolid.

Its capital is the city of Valladol d.

Surrounded by mountains, magnificent unspoilt countryside and splendid history ... what more could you ask?

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fact about spain - catalu a

In the north-east, bathed by the Mediterranean Sea, Catalu a comprises the provinces of Girona ... Barcelona ... Tarragona ... Lleida.

Its mild climate, smooth beaches - Costa Brava and Costa Dorada - plus super cities - especially the region s capital Barcelona - make it a popular choice.

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fact about spain - extremadura

To the south-west and made up of two provinces - C ceres and Badajoz.

Its capital - Merida - is a jewel dating back to Roman times.

In fact, Extremadura has an ancient heritage going back to pre-Roman times, when cave dwellers lived there.

Its rich, fertile land has - for centuries - supplied much of Europe with fresh produce.

Tiny hamlets, charming villages and heritage-rich cities abound ...

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fact about spain - galicia

santiago de compostela

Another emerald "green" region, Galicia consists of the provinces of A Coru a ... Lugo ... Ourense ... Pontevedra.

Santiago de Compostela - the famous pilgrimage center - is its glorious capital.

Inland Galicia is green, lush, abounding in rivers - ideal for canoeing and rafting.

The coastline offers tiny fishing villages, unspoilt coves and beautiful sandy beaches.

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fact about spain - la rioja

la rioja

This one-province region with Logro o as capital is one of the most important wine-growing areas of Europe.

It can be divided into two - Rioja Alta with its higher rainfall and milder climate ... Rioja Baja which is hotter and more arid.

Rich in history, crafts and fine cuisine you ll have many opportunities to taste the famous local wines!

Great rural tourism.

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fact about spain - madrid region

In the middle of the Spanish mainland with just one province, its capital is - of course - Madrid!

It can be divided into two areas - the north and west of the region is the Sierra ... the central and southern parts make up the plateau of La Mancha and La Alcarria.

Madrid city is Europe s highest capital with much to offer culture- and entertainment-wise.

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fact about spain - murcia

This south-easterly, one-province region has the beautifully historic city of Murcia as its capital.

Sparsely-populated, much of the vast land is given over to cultivation - citrus fruits ... olives ... vines ...

The region also offers 170 kms of superb Mediterranean coastline with fine beaches.

fact about spain - navarra

A small, history-rich, one-province region with Pamplona as capital, it is separated from France by the Pyrenees.

Castles and fortified buildings abound with Roman, Christian, Muslim and Jewish influences.

The jota dance is much practised, and the region famous worldwide for its colorful Fiesta de San Ferm n - in Pamplona.

fact about spain - valencia community

This easterly region is composed of the provinces of Castell n, Valencia and Alicante, with Valencia city its capital.

Gorgeous Mediterranean resorts abound - golden beaches ... sparkling blue sea.

Towns and cities are full of history and - inland - the soil fertile. Who hasn t heard of Valencia oranges?

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