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Facts About The Country Of Spain
Living In Spain

Planning to up your roots and settle here? Then, you will need a barrowful of facts about the country of Spain to make your dreams come true ...

An increasing number of people, from all walks of life and numerous countries, enjoy terrific holidays in Spain, fall in love with the country and its way of life, and, hey presto! ... It becomes their dream to live in Spain.

Youngsters visualize quitting stressful careers and building working lives here, perhaps raising a family ... Middle-aged couples whose children have flown the nest decide to start afresh and get it right this time - in Spain! ... And, people approaching retirement envisage twilight years beneath bright blue skies and golden sun, in a country bursting at the seams with character.

However ... as we all know, love is blind and you can get into a lot of trouble without adequate preparation! If these dreams are to be realized - and it is possible, whatever your age, to successfully re-start your life here - you must plan well ahead, unearth all the facts about the country of Spain you can, and build your new lives on solid and lasting foundations.

One of the fist things to do is start learning Spanish (you will find some pages on beginners Spanish elsewhere on this website). You don t need to learn a lot or be perfect. But, a little knowledge will help you tremendously and give your confidence a terrific boost. If you go to evening classes or group Spanish lessons, this will be a fine hobby - not a chore - and you should meet like-minded souls.

At the same time as learning Spanish, you can slowly discover the numerous facts about the country of Spain that will be essential to building your new life. I list a few here to get you started ...


- Contact consulates/foreign ministries/ministries of commerce
in your home country, explain your plans and obtain any
information/publications/pamphlets they can offer. For
European Union citizens, rules are much more relaxed than for
non-EU citizens, but find out if you need any documents before
leaving your own country.

- Plan the details of your actual move. You may need to select a
reputable and experienced international removal company and
inform yourselves on such matters as furniture/cars/caravans/

- Perhaps you already own your own property in Spain. If not, it
is always best to rent first in the area you wish to make your
home. If you are still happy with your decision after six
months, look for a place to buy and inform yourself of all the
purchasing property facts about the country of Spain.

- If you have children, you will need to decide whether they are
to be given a private education or a state education and inform
yourselves accordingly. If you opt for a private education,
will it be an international school or a private Spanish school.

- Once you have been settled in Spain for six months, you are no
longer a tourist and will, probably, need to apply for your
official Spanish residence permit or residencia.

- Unless you are retired or very wealthy, you will need to
support yourselves while you are here and, for that, you will
need to inform yourselves on working/starting a business facts
about the country of Spain.

- Whether you are working or retired, it is more than likely you
will need to look into tax regulations (well ... no place is perfect!).

- And, also, there are health matters, including births and deaths.

So ... don t rush in where Angels fear to tread! Arm yourselves with heaps of facts about the country of Spain! Hopefully, the following articles will aid you ...

Applying for your residence permit.

A guide to working in Spain.

A guide to starting a business in Spain.

A guide to buying property in Spain.

A guide to letting your Spanish property.

Spanish schools.

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