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Internationally-speaking, Pen lope Cruz S nchez - better-known as Pen lope Cruz - is probably the best-known Spanish actress.

Born in Alcobendas, Madrid, Spain on 28 April 1974, performing and acting always held a fascination for her.

As a young girl, she starred in several Spanish films ... which were followed by American films.

She's received numerous awards, and is Spain's first female Oscar winner.

But, she isn't Spain's only beautiful actress ... nor necessarily the best, according to some tastes.

So, check out Spain's other actresses ...

famous spanish actress - video of 40 female spanish actresses

Check out the video below showing forty of Spain's better-known younger actresses.

Click on the arrow to start the video ...

... and, if you want to pause or stop it, just click on the two short horizontal lines you'll find on the bottom left-hand side.

most beautiful female spanish actresses ...

Which Spanish actresses are considered the most beautiful?...

Opinions obviously vary but, along with Pen lope Cruz, Paz Vega receives top votes.

Born in Seville, in Spain's large southerly region of Andalucia, on 2 January 1976, this famous Spanish actress has been successful in both television and film, and as a model in New York.

But, she's not just an extremely glamorous Spanish actress ... she's also the proud mother of two children.

What do you think of her?...

paz vega

Another popular Spanish actress, noted for her good-looks, is Elsa Pataky.

Born on 18 July 1976 in Madrid, to a Spanish father and Romanian-Hungarian mother, she first studied journalism at University before going in for acting.

Starting in Spanish television, she soon went on to first Spanish films, and then English and French films.

Would she get your vote?...

Famous Spanish actress Elena Anaya is also noted for her looks as well as her acting ability.

She was born on 17 July 1975 in Palencia, Spain, and is mainly known for acting in Spanish films.

This was taken in her slightly younger days ...

elena anaya

best famous spanish actress

But, being an actress is not just a matter of looking beautiful.

So, who are the best Spanish actresses when it actually comes to the acting part?...

Blanca Portillo, born in Madrid on 15 June 1963, is not only an excellent actress, but also extremely versatile, and certainly doesn't depend on her looks for some of her acting roles.

On the other hand, she "brushes up" really well, and can look both sexy and attractive.

Acclaimed for her TV and film work, she's also keen on the theater, having directed a number of plays.

Another famous Spanish actress recognised not just for her looks but also for her acting is Bel n Rueda.

Born on 16 March 1965 in Madrid, she started her career as a model, went on to be a TV presenter, and continued as an acclaimed TV and film actress.

Now divorced with two children, apart from being an excellent actress, she also looks extremely sexy ... particularly for her age ...

Lydia Bosch is another famous Spanish actress, who's not only popular for her looks and charm, but also for her acting ability.

Born on 26 November 1963 in El Prat de Llobregat, Barcelona, she's renowned for her roles in both Spanish TV and films ...

famous spanish actress - best "old-timer"

One of my favorite Spanish actresses, who's been going for years, is Concha Velasco.

Born in Valladolid on 29 November 1939, she's a brilliant all-rounder, having starred in tons of films, plays, not to mention television.

She looks wonderful for her age, still works hard, and is full of life and humour ...

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