favorite famous spanish singers for you ...

famous spanish singers

Can you name these famous spanish singers?...
You'll discover the answers towards the end of the page ...

Most of you, when asked about Spanish music and song, will immediately think about flamenco.

But vibrant, pleasure-loving Spain is chock-a-block full of musicians and artists of all types, all singing their hearts out.

So, on this page, we give you a short list of Spanish singers - some old, some new, some middle-aged.

The Spanish adore music, so there are plenty of singers to choose from.

Unfortunately, due to lack of space, we had to leave many out.

But, we'd love to learn which Spanish singers are your favorite ... you can tell us by filling in our Contact Form.

spanish pop singers

Let's start with a list of famous Spanish singers - both male and female - renowned for pop, rock, punk etc.

Some are fairly young ... and some, no longer so young!...

famous spanish singers

  • Alaska (born 1963)
  • David Bisbal (born 1979)
  • Miguel Bos (born 1956)
  • Sergio Dalma (born 1964)
  • Enrique Iglesias (born 1975)
  • Ramonc n (born 1955)
  • Marta Sanchez (born 1966)
  • Alejandro Sanz (born 1968)
  • Tontxu (born 1973)

female spanish singers

Here's a list of rather more traditional female Spanish singers - most of them real old-time favorites ...

  • Ana Bel n (born 1951)
  • Rocio Durcal (1945-2006)
  • Lola Flores (1923-1995)
  • Lolita Flores (born 1958)
  • Rocio Jurado (1944-2006)
  • Isabel Pantoja (born 1956)

famous spanish singers - male

And, here's a handful of Spanish male singers whose songs have succeeded the test of time ...

  • Nino Bravo (1944-1973)
  • Julio Iglesias (born 1943)
  • Raphael (born 1943)
  • Joan Manuel Serrat (born 1943)
  • Camilo Sesto (born 1946)
  • Los del R o (two singers famous worldwide for La Macarena)

famous spanish singers - opera

How about Spanish opera singers? I'm sure you know these three greats ...

  • Montserrat Caball - soprano (born 1933)
  • Jos Carreras - tenor (born 1946
  • Pl cido Domingo - tenor (born 1941)

famous spanish singers - answers to question at top of page ...

Did you manage to name the Spanish singers in the pictures at the top of the page?

Well, here you have the answers.

Moving from left to right, their names are as follows ...

  • Lolita Flores (daughter of famous Lola Flores)
  • Julio Iglesias
  • Alaska
  • Dav d Bisbal
  • Camilo Sesto
  • Marta S nchez

Did you get full marks?

famous spanish singers - related pages

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