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Tenerife certainly sparkles - with its non-stop sun, azure waters, and pulsating night-life.

And, for a relatively small island, it also offers surprisingly good shopping bargains.

It's no wonder that this, the largest of the Canary Islands, has been a popular holiday resort for many years - even Queen Victoria enjoyed taking her hols here as long ago as the 19th century!

One way to secure cheap holidays to Tenerife is by renting a villa ...and, as far as Tenerife villa rental is concerned is, more-often-than-not, you won't find such a great variation in between winter and summer prices - unlike most other Spanish resorts.

This is because of Tenerife's fantastic, year-round near-perfect climate ... Whether you holiday here in winter or summer, chances are you'll be blessed with temperate weather.

Perhaps one of the drawbacks to Tenerife in the past has been the fact that some of its beaches were of black, volcanic sand.

Even then, you could still enjoy beaches boasting beautiful, natural golden sands - for example, El Medana.

But, over the years, many of these black sands are disappearing, as Tenerife now imports super-soft, golden sand from the Sahara Desert!

So, if long stretches of golden, sun-kissed beaches is your dream, you shouldn't be disappointed!

Tenerife South Airport is the most popular airport to fly to and, as Tenerife is such a well-known holiday resort, you should have no trouble finding a multitude of reasonably-priced flights.

Below, we've picked out an interesting handful of holiday villas in Tenerife, which offer peaceful surroundings, but are not too far from shops, bars, restaurants, etc.

However, if you prefer to view the entire selection of villas to rent in Tenerife, please click here.

holiday villas in tenerife

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When renting holiday villas in Tenerife, it's often advisable to hire a car.

If you do think car rental is for you, check out the best prices on our car rental in Spain page. As with most things, it's best to plan as well ahead in order to compare prices and get the best rates going.

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Or, pop along to the flight search engine website itself by clicking here.

Click here to view over 3,000 villa rentals throughout Spain.

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