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home exchange spain

home exchange spain - browse listings of thousands of holiday home exchange places, both in Spain and Worldwide ...

Planning your holiday in Spain is always an exciting time ... where to go, what time of year to choose, where to stay ...

The only drawback is paying for it all - especially if you have children.

Wouldn't it be great if all you had to pay for were the flight, and the actual accommodation cost no more than your normal living expenses at home?...

No hotels, bed-and-breakfasts, or holiday rentals to pay for!

Well, the good news is that, with holiday home exchange, this is possible ... all you have to pay for is your flight, plus your living expenses whilst there.

  • Do you own your own home?
  • Do you rent your home?
  • Do you own a second home/holiday home?

If you answered "yes" to any of the above, then you can participate in home exchange Spain - or international house swap in another country of your choice, for that matter.

Whether it be for:

  • vacation exchange of, say, a couple of weeks
  • week-end breaks
  • exchanges of several months, for example retired people or youngsters wishing to work or study in a different country

home exchange spain - what is home exchange?

To put it simply, you let another person stay in your home whilst you stay in theirs.

Very often, this takes place simultaneously, although that's not always the case ... for example, if you use a secondhome/holiday home for the exchange.

At the end of the day, you'll

  • save a lot of money
  • enjoy home comforts
  • live like a native rather than a tourist

Below, we've picked out just a few examples of home exchange Spain possibilities, though you'll find thousands of international house swap listings all over the World - just click on the following link, then choose your preferred language in the top right-hand corner.

Click here to view thousands of listings of holiday home exchange Spain and Worldwide, choosing your language setting in the top right-hand corner. .

holiday home exchange spain

home exchange spain

Sometimes, the use of a car is included in the house swap.

However, if it isn't, and you think you may require car rental check out the best prices on our car rental in Spain page.

You'll also need cheap flights, so check what's on offer flight-wise by filling in this simple search box ...

Or, pop along to the flight search engine website itself by clicking here.

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