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Malaga - capital of the sophisticated Costa del Sol and yet another lively Andalucian city abounding in beautifully wide avenues and restful green spaces.

What a wonderfully diverse mix of cultures it offers for - in its time - this gloriously colorful city has been inhabited by Phoenicians ... Greeks ... Romans ... Moors.

With that mix 'n match of cultures, and with it being a Spanish city ... what more can you expect than a place absolutely steeped in history and culture ...

The Citadel or "La Alcazaba" - 8th-11th centuries - as well as being Malaga's symbol, is one of the largest fortresses in Andalucia, with an Archaelogoical Museum now located there.

Close by, you'll find the wonderful Castle of Gibralfaro (14th century), joined to the Citadel by a stretch of wall that gives superb views of Malaga and its port.

Going to the foot of Gibralfaro, you'll come across the Roman Theater, La Malagueta, and the old quarter of the city.

In the center of the historic district stands the Cathedral (16th-18th centuries), also known as "La Manquita" because of its unfinished tower.

Other prominent churches in the old town of Malaga you'll enjoy visiting include Santiago (15th-18th centuries), los M rtires, Sagroado Coraz n, and Santo Cristo de la Salud.

And, which great artist was born there?... That's right... M laga is the birthplace of the highly-acclaimed, Pablo Picasso.

Those of you who love his works will delight in visiting the several galleries here where you can view them ...

In 1983, his birthplace was declared an historic-artistic monument and, in 1991, it became the headquarters of the Picasso Foundation.

With its strong artistic background, fascinating history and culture, plus natural beauty, the city itself has something to strongly appeal to everyone.

Not only that ... you have the fantastic beaches and swinging lifestyle of the ever-popular Costa del Sol so close to hand.

So, come and make the most of this wonderful city!

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