map asturias spain
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map asturias spain

As you can see from the map asturias spain above, this north-westerly, ancient Spanish region nestles between Cantabria and Galicia.

A one-province region, its capital is the beautiful city of Oviedo - brimming with wonderful pre-Romanic monuments.

You'll really enjoy visiting ...

Asturias is a gloriously unspoilt area of high-peaked mountains, possessing a spectacular coastline peppered with coves, picturesque fishing villages and fine beaches.

It s part of "Green Spain", and offers some of the country s best national parks - such as the Picos de Europa National Park.

It s also one of Spain s Celtic lands - haunting bagpipe (gaita) music and Asturian folklore dances replace Spanish guitar and flamenco.

When you join locals for tapas and a drink, it s more likely that wonderful local cider will be flowing - not wine.

So visit their sidrer as and practise pouring cider into your glass with the same panache as the locals!

History buffs will enjoy the cities of this Christian land which so strongly resisted the Moors ...

Oviedo s Gothic cathedral is home to a piece of cloth which was used to clean the face of Jesus after his crucifixion.

The bustling sea-port of Gij n - with its beautiful nearby beaches - was founded by the Romans and has many monuments worth visiting.

Picturesque Aviles is one of the oldest settlements in the Cantabrian area, with fine churches and palaces.

Should you prefer a holiday enjoying good fishing at a coastal village, history will still not be far away ...

This ancient land is awash with prehistoric sites and caves - many with paintings and burial chambers.

The coastal town of Llanes has several prehistoric sites nearby ... Ribadesella offers Bustillo Cave ... San Roman de Candamo has La Pe a Cave, and at Pe amellera is the Llon n Cave.

map asturias spain - popular places

  • Oviedo
  • Gij n
  • Aviles
  • Llanes
  • Ribadesella
  • San Roman de Candamo
  • Pe amellera

  • map asturias spain - popular sights

  • San Salvador Cathedral - Oviedo
  • Roman Baths - Gij n
  • Revillagigedo Palace - Gij n
  • Sabugo Church - Aviles
  • Valdecarzana Palace - Aviles
  • Picos de Europa National Park
  • Bustillo Cave - Ribadesella
  • La Pe a Cave - San Roman de Candamo
  • Llon n Cave - Pe amellera

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