Phoenix Penny Auctions

by Phillip
(Mijas Costa, Spain)

The situation as it stands:

Reverse auctions have reached new heights, injecting skill and affordability into the property market. Fortunately, this innovation comes not a moment too soon, as we're all aware that property prices are on a continuous decline globally. The usual 7 year marketing cycle can not be applied to this chaos: banks, car manufacturers, retail chains and large property developers are going into administration each month.

The world demands a solution now.

Phoenix Penny Auctions was developed over the past 2 years to help families get onto the property ladder without the need for financial assistance or mortgages. We know for a fact that our reverse auction system will become a salve for a failing economy and withering property market. Here's the concept:

1) We make your property both affordable and available to a global market.
2) We keep our auction open 7 days per week, 24 hours per day.
3) You earn what you deserve, with last year's valuations and commission-free sales.

We make owning a home easy and affordable to anyone, whether they are employed, unemployed or have difficulty securing a mortgage, while at the same time guaranteeing sellers a time-fixed sale at a fair market valuation. Unlike an estate agent, Phoenix Penny Auctions doesn't have a difficult time finding the ideal buyer in your area, or with weeding out buyers who lacks the ability to pay your full valuation immediately in cash - our system guarantees these things outright.

We also liberate potential owners from the chains of mortgages and the tight-fisted behaviour of banks. Acquiring credit in this economic climate is an impossibility for many, which only serves to delay the sale of your home. Our mortgage-free methods of producing home owners plays an essential role in benefiting buyers and sellers alike.

In the UK alone we have in excess of 60 million people. With this population size, an estate agent would potentially have 1 or 2 viewers for your property during a 6 month period, and so technically, your estate agent has 1 or 2 chances to sell your property. Of course, even if they have an interested party they would still require a mortgage. As can be seen, resorting solely to an estate agent severely limits your chances of selling.

Financial Authorities have predicted a further 20% decline in house prices in the coming 12 months, and an economy that will not level out till at least 2012 - we hope. As time progresses, acquiring a mortgage will become very difficult indeed, more so than now.

Here is the logic behind our solution, tested and proven: in the UK, with its 60 million people, individuals of all walks spend in excess of 80 million each week on the lottery in the hope of winning a life changing amount. Why? It's simple: because everybody can afford a 1 or 2.

Add to this the following situation in which we now find ourselves:

A: Lending has come to a stop.
B: Properties are losing value each and every month, and this will surely continue.
C: 5 Million properties will hit negative equity this year 2009 in the UK.
D: Thousands of property companies are entering into administration.

Investment is only a wise strategy if it offers a return, but since property values are in decline, the investors will wait.

Together, we can move forward:

With our reverse auction system, buyers and sellers now have the chance to be part of a rapidly growing trend of alternative marketing which benefits both sides. By circumventing old (and failing) ways of buying and selling, we create new opportunities

The seller receives the asking price for their home - commission free and without exhausting negotiation. The successful buyer receives the property mortgage-free. Other benefits to encourage bidder activity on the web site are as follows:

1) Bidders register for absolutely free.
2) Each bid they place is charged a fixed and affordable amount.
3) The lowest unique bidder receives the property, allowing the use of strategy.

Simply put, we do not have to trudge through 2 potential clients in 6 months who may or may not be able to provide the full amount for your property. Instead, we provide access for thousands upon thousands of potential buyers who can affordably take part in the reverse auction process. No longer are they held back by the banks.

So the obvious next question is - what are you waiting for? We have a global market of potential clients that can not only afford to bid on your property, but are eager to do so.

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