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Rental Car In Spain
And Getting Around Generally

Once here, you have a variety of ways of exploring this magical country, such as rental car in Spain ...

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The option which gives you the most freedom is probably rental car in Spain.

Rental cars are certainly easy to come across and you can really enjoy yourself, bouncing around the back roads and getting "off the beaten track". You will surely come across sights, experiences and friendly people not always found in the tourist centers.

On the whole, the main roads in Spain are good. The "autopistas" or main highways/motorways will charge you a toll for using them.

However, there are plenty of good secondary roads which are far prettier, if slower, than the "autopistas" - and cheaper to use!

It is also probably a good idea to ask for diesal rental cars so that you don t have to pay so much for the petrol.

If you have trouble finding maps, just pop into the bookstore of "El Corte Ingl s" - a large department store found in most major Spanish cities.

Just one word of warning ... should you be of a nervous disposition or have heart trouble, perhaps it s best not to spend too much time driving round the centers of Spain s larger cities - especially during the "rush hour"!

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"Let the train take the strain ... in Spain!" Especially the speedy "AVE tren" or "AVE train", which will get you from Madrid to Sevilla in just two-and-a-half hours!

Spain s national railway is run by RENFE and most of the inter-city trains are excellent - very quick and comfortable, and perhaps an easier option than rental car in Spain if you are not that keen on driving.

You will certainly find the long-distance, high-speed AVE tren, Talgo and EuroMed trains an easy option when travelling between major cities and tourist destinations.

I think that most railway clerks selling tickets in the larger cities/resorts are able to speak some English and are used to dealing with "foreigners"!

However, if you are feeling a little unsure about asking for your ticket/s, just write down your destination on a piece of paper beforehand (English or Spanish - there shouldn t be much difference!) along with the number of tickets you wish to buy.

On the paper, you can also put in Spanish whether you want a single, one-way ticket or a return journey!

"Ida" is the Spanish for a single ticket, and "ida y vuelta" is the Spanish if you also want a return journey.

Although the long-distance trains are fast and excellent, the short-distance trains can be a little slow!

This is no bad thing if you are mentally prepared for the journey taking a fairly long time - just relax and enjoy that marvellous view of the countryside!

RENFE (that s right, Spain s national railway!) has a very easy-to-understand website in English for booking tickets and it can be visited here: If rental car in Spain doesn t appeal, try the trains!

So, if you don t feel up to driving a rental car in Spain but wish to explore the country, speed along on the AVE train or amble along on the short-distance ones!

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If neither rental car in Spain nor the AVE train are for you, there is yet another option! Yes ... the coach!

Spain has a very good network of coaches going all over Spain and, all you have to do is go to the local coach station and book on one!

If you want to get a time-table first, get a little piece of paper again, write down the destination and, by the side put: "horario". Do I need to say that this is the Spanish for "time-table"?!

Spain s national coach network is run by ALSA and they also have a website in English which is very easy to understand. You can find it here:

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If none of the above appeals (fussy!), why not take a domestic flight ...?

Spain s larger airports were covered on this page: If neither rental car in Spain nor train suits you, catch a coach!


If none of the above appeals (fussy!), why not take a domestic flight ...?

Spain s larger airports were covered on this page.

But there are several smaller airports dotted about all over Spain, so catching a domestic flight is a feasible option.

Some of the "smaller" airports include A Coru a, Almeria, Badajoz, Bilbao, C rdoba, Gijon-Oviedo, Girona, Granada, Ibiza, Jerez, Lanzarote, Menorca, Murcia, Palma Mallorca, Pamplona, San Sebastian, Santander, Tarragona, Tenerife, Valladol d, Vigo, Vitoria, Zaragoza.

As you can see, you have plenty of options ... from hiring a rental car in Spain to flying, so ... do have a good time on your travels!

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