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running of the bulls pamplona - immortalised by Ernest Hemmingway, the Festival of San Fermin, celebrated each year in Pamplona Spain, has become the most popular of Spanish fiestas ...

Each year, during the second week of July, thousands upon thousands of travellers flock to Pamplona Spain, to join in the San Fermin Festival.

Pamplona is capital of the small, one-province region of Navarra - located in the north of Spain - and, from 7th July until 14th July, the medieval city honours its patron saint of San Fermin by enjoying hectic bull running celebrations.

The week-long festivities actually begin on the 6th of July with the Chupinazo. This is when the Mayor - just before mid-day - greets the packed crowds from the Town Hall balcony, and hundreds of bottles of champagne are uncorked and sprayed everywhere.

The merriment has begun ... and it will continue day and night until 14th July!

The famous bull runs - actually known as el Encierro - take place each morning ...

At 8 am sharp, a rocket announces the opening of the Santo Domingo enclosure, from which 6 large, raging bulls emerge.

The route to the bullring is 825 metres long, and the dangerous run usually lasts some 3-4 minutes.

Hundreds of very brave men (or, sometimes, extremely drunk and foolish) run in front of the bulls. Normally, they will be dressed in the traditional red and white colours - white tops and trousers, with the red, San Fermin neckerchiefs.

Many will stumble and drop out along the way, some to be gored by angry, confused bulls.

The course continues past the Callej n - the funnelled, final section - to end in the bullring.

Bodies that took a pounding will be transported to the local hospital, whilst everyone else will spend the rest of the night and day celebrating.

Except, that is, for the hard-working medical staff, street-cleaners, police and security personnel.

To participate in the actual bull run, you have to be 18. Non-participants can watch the run from behind fences along the length of the route. However, you need to be up bright and early (or not sleep at all!) in order to get a good place.

Alternatively, you can rent balconies from houses overlooking the route - this can be expensive, though.

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