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Capital of the region of Andalucia and largest southern city of Spain, Seville is a dashing and romantic place ... jam-packed full of life, history and culture.

Nature lovers will absolutely adore the Do ana Nature Reserve ... the Sierra Norte Nature Reserve ...

And, children will delight in the Isla M gica Theme Park ... Aqu polis Seville Guadalpark Water Park ... nearby Mundo Park.

This splendid city is - needless to say - steeped in history and color.

Absorb atmosphere wandering round districts such as Triana and La Macarena ...

Enjoy magical monuments dating as far back as the Moorish Conquest ... many to be found in the Old Quarter ...

At the heart of the Old Quarter is the Cathedral of Seville.

Originally built as a mosque by the Almohads in the late 12th century, it later became the largest Gothic cathedral in the world.

Attached to the Cathedral is La Giralda - tallest tower in Spain.

Ancient minaret of the Islamic Mosque and erected in 1184, its foundations use stones from Roman monuments.

Alongside the River and close to the much-visited bullring is the Torre del Oro or Golden Tower.

Built between 1221 and 1222, it formed part of the last wall of defence from the Alc zar to the River and today houses the Naval Museum.

The Alc zar or Royal Mud jar Palace - begun in 931 - has glorious gardens to enjoy.

The Casa de Pilatos or House of Pilate is a 16th century mansion and a beautiful blend of Mud jar, Gothic and Renaissance styles.

Near the Barrio Santa Cruz is the magnificent Plaza de Espa a, a "must" for all visitors.

Seville is also renowned for its two major fiestas which take place in Spring.

During Semana Santa or Easter Week is a religious festival, and there is also the Feria de Abr l (April Fair).

Spring is an ideal time to visit - for it can be extremely hot in summer - and both festivals are truly splendid so ... come on over and enjoy yourselves in this spectacular southern city!

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