The Colorful Spain Flag

As can be seen from the above, Spain flag (the national one) is a colorful red and yellow horizontal triband - the yellow stripe is in the middle, and is twice as tall as each red band - and the height of the flag is two-thirds the width.

A simplified version of Spain s coat-of-arms is pictured on the yellow band of the Spanish flag, towards the hoist side.

The Spanish coat-of-arms depicts two crown-topped Pillars of Hercules, with red banners displaying the motto in Latin "PLUS ULTRA" which, apparently, means "More Beyond", alluding to Columbas discovery of the New World!

The two columns flank a shield that displays a castle, a lion wearing a crown, red and yellow vertical stripes, chain mail, and three fleurs-de-lis in an oval in the center.

An ornate red and golden crown sits atop the shield.

The pledge to the Spanish flag is called the "Jura de Bandera" - meaning "Oath of the Flag".

The Spanish flag depicted above was officially adopted on 19 December 1981.

Previous to this, there had been an eagle on the Spanish flag but, in 1981, this eagle disappeared from Spain flag, leaving the current red/yellow/red with crowned arms.

So, now you know all about it!

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