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Ancient, medieval spains navarra region is a small, one-province community in the north, bordering onto France.

The Pyrenees Mountains divide the two countries, with the long-used Roncesvalles Pass acting as gateway between them.

Aragon s provinces of Huesca and Zaragoza lie to its east, La Rioja to the south and the Basque country to the north and west - you ll find a wealth of Basque heritage in Navarre.

Teeming with castles and fortified buildings, it oozes Roman, Christian, Muslim and Jewish influences.

A land of quaint, medieval towns and hidden mountain villages, it possesses one of Europe s highest densities of gorgeous green space.

Nature-lovers will relish its 50 natural reserves, plus the abundance of hiking, climbing and fishing opportunities.

But Navarre s major claim to fame is probably the colourful bull-running festival which takes place in Pamplona - the region s capital city.

Pamplona was immortalised by the renowned author Ernest Hemmingway and, each year - starting 7 July - the medieval city hosts a week-long festival honouring the city s patron saint - San Fermin.

Bulls chase the young men - dressed in red-and-white - through the narrow streets, towards the bull-ring. Much excitement is had by all - except perhaps the bulls?

Pleasant Pamplona also beckons culture buffs, offering magnificent monumental buildings such as its Gothic Cathedral, 16th century citadel, and town walls.

Other architectural jewels in the area include the medieval walled town of Artajona, the 900-year-old town of Estella, Olite, and Tudela - the latter being the largest town after Pamplona.

Another of Navarre s claims to fame is it being the main starting point in Spain for the famous Camino de Santiago pilgrimage trail - which ends at Santiago de Compostela.

spains navarra region - popular places

  • Pamplona
  • Tudela
  • Artajona
  • Estella
  • Olite

  • spains navarra region - popular sights

  • Gothic Cathedral - Pamplona
  • Citadel - Pamplona
  • Augustine Monastery - Roncesvalles
  • Romanesque Palace - Estella
  • Fortress of Kings of Navarre - Olite
  • Cathedral - Tudela
  • Reserva Integral de Lizardoia
  • Parque Natural de Snorio de Bertiz

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