spanish fathers day poems ...

spanish fathers day poems

beautiful spanish fathers day poems -
and, towards the end of this page, you'll find links to Spanish poems for all occasions ...

Is your father Spanish-speaking?

Unfortunately, Father's Day poems are not quite as common or as much in demand as Mother's day poems.

That's a shame, isn't it?

For, surely, Fathers need to know they're loved and appreciated just as much as Mothers?

Anyway, here you have a couple of poems in Spanish - one long, one short - to let your Dad know just how wonderful he is ...

So, when Father's Day arrives, write one of them out on an attractive card, and give it to him, along with a little present.

It will surely make his day ...

spanish fathers day poems - short phrases

But, let's start with a few short phrases, suitable for writing or saying to your father, so that he knows how much he mans to you ...

Feliz D a, Pap !

Happy Day, Dad!

Te Quiero, Pap !

I Love You, Dad!

Para Mi Pap ...

For My Dad ...

Pap ... Eres lo mejor!

Dad ... You're the best!

Gracias, Pap , por cuidar de mi.

Thank you, Dad, for taking care of me.

El mejor regalo que Dios me di fue mi padre.

The best present that God gave me was my father.

And, now, for those Spanish fathers day poems ...

spanish fathers day poems

In this Spanish poem entitled "A Mi Padre" (To My Father), the author gives thanks for all his Father has taught him and done for him ...

A Dios doy gracias por ser mi padre,
Por tus reproches y consejos,
Por el bien que me ense aste,
Y de mi ser siempre cuidaste.

Por ser padre bondadoso,
Lleno de paz y sabidur a.
Porque amas la verdad,
Justicia y rectitud en demas a.

Por ser mi padre amado,
Y ense arme la caridad.
Sentimientos nobles te cubren,
No conoces la maldad.

Caballero noble y parco,
Me ense aste a luchar,
Aspirando siempre a lo m s alto,
Y a mis sue os no renunciar.

Por aborrecer todo lo malo,
Por tus celestiales valores,
Por guiarme de la mano
En senderos llenos de flores.

Por tus palabras de aliento
En mis momentos m s tristes.
Por tus silencios elocuentes
Que me calman dulcemente.

Por tu mirada sabia y profunda,
Por tu expresi n tan serena,
Por tu paciencia y tes n,
Torbellino de cosas buenas.

Por ser hombre testarudo,
Aferrado a tu convicci n.
Por mantener en alto tus ideales,
Sin perder la calma o raz n.

Por instruirme en la vida,
Y ense arme a no mentir.
Por preocuparte por mis problemas,
Y recompensa no pedir.

Por ense arme nobles valores:
El amor, rectitud y compasi n,
Justicia, desinter s, trabajo,
Caridad, verdad y el perd n.

spanish fathers day poems

And here is a short poem in Spanish entitled "Padre" or "Father", simply proclaiming the love his father has given him ...

Mi Padre es aquel hombre,
Que no nadamas me dio su nombre,
Que desde chico me crio,
Y todo su amor el me dio,

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