Pretty Costas Of North Spain For Your Spanish Holidays.


The coastline corresponding to the Region of the Basque Country, right up in the north of Spain and to the west of France, is known as the Costa Vasca.

For a change, this littoral looks out onto the Cantabrian Sea with the Pyrenees running behind it and, if you are jaded by Spanish holidays typical to the Mediterranean, you should enjoy the different climate and characteristics to be found here, for it does not offer your typical vacation package Spain.

Tourism has always been part of the Basque Country with its green, rugged coasts, and it is here that the Royals choose to spend their summers. For many other Spaniards it has also long been a popular choice for escaping the hot, Spanish summers.

Donostia-San Sebastian is the summer capital of Spain and lies just 21 kms west of the French border, against the Bay of Biscay and surrounded by green mountains. As well as being the capital of the Province of Guipuzcoa, it is a tasteful resort for a holiday in Spain, without the normal holiday resort trimmings. It has three fine beaches: la Concha, Ondarreta and la Zurriola.


Once again in the north of Spain, but this time to the west of the Basque Country in the Regions of Cantabria and Asturias, we find the Costa Verde or Green Coast.

Also washed by the waters of the Cantabrian Sea, this shore offers some of the most breathtaking views for your Spanish holidays, with quiet beaches surrounded by stunning settings.

In the Province of Cantabria are cities and large fishing ports such as Santander, Castro Urdiales, Lared, Santo a and Comillas, all popular summer destinations, with nearby beaches, but very far from being your typical vacation package Spain deal.

Moving further west to the Province of Asturias, we find vast beaches and wonderful fishing ports, towns and villages such as Luarca, Cudillero, Luanco, Cand s, Lastres and Tazones, all of it complemented by interesting "New World" architecture.


R as Altas or High Estuaries is the name given to the winding coastline of the Province of La Coru a which overlooks the Atlantic Ocean in the north-west of Spain s Region of Galicia.

Here, you will come across tiny coves, beautiful sandy beaches flanked by high cliffs, dunes, fishing ports and sheltered harbors.

The coastline really is spectacular and it is in the province, where the coast - although extremely picturesque - is particularly rugged and the sea sometimes rough, that you find the infamous "Costa de la Muerte" or "Coast of Death" on account of the number of shipwrecks it has witnessed.

The capital of this province - A Coru a - has some fine hotels in which to pass a holiday in Spain, with beautiful beaches at Riazor, Bastiagueiro and Santa Cristina.

Pontedeume also has a good, long beach; and Valdovi o is an interesting area of dunes and sea birds. Cedeira is another place suitable for Spanish holidays, as well as being an important fishing port.

The nature areas of Ortigueira Beach and Capte Estaca de Bares, where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Cantabrian Sea, are also interesting.


Along the coastline of the Province of Pontevedra, in the Region of Galicia, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, we find the beautiful beaches of R as Bajas or Low Estuaries.

The water here is slightly warmer than the R as Altas and the beaches wider and more open, but the scenery is still very rugged although, without a doubt, picturesque.

It is said that the R as Bajas is the mark left by the hand of God when he washed his fingers after creating the world!

Towards the capital - Pontevedra - are hidden coves and inlets such as San Sim n, Ald n, Bueu and the Crucero de Hio, ideal for "different" Spanish holidays.

Also of interest are the nature areas of A Lanzada and O Grove, famous for its beaches and healing waters, and a good choice if you wish to avoid the usual vacation package Spain deal.