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Download Page For MP3s And Spanish PDF Flash cards

This page contains the links for you to download the MP3's and Spanish PDF flash cards which go with the Kindle book Conquer 3535 Spanish Words Instantly ...

spanish flashcards

download links for pdf flash cards

learn spanish

If you prefer, you can use the Kindle book on its own, without bothering with the flash cards and MP3 files.

However, to ease your learning path, and to help with your Spanish pronunciation, we do suggest you download the following Spanish PDF flash cards and mp3's.

Let's start with the flash cards ...

The PDF flash cards are contained within two zip files ... The first file holds the flash cards pertaining to Days 1-15 of the book, and the second file contains the cards belonging to Days 16-30 .

Right-click here to download PDF flashcards for Days 1-15

Right-click here to download PDF flashcards for Days 16-30

You'll discover the download instructions further down the page but, first of all, here are the download links for your MP3 files ...

download links for mp3 files

To download your mp3's, simply right click on the following links.

Right-click here to download mp3 file for Days 1-5

Right-click here to download mp3 file for Days 6-10

Right-click here to download mp3 file for Days 11-15

Right-click here to download mp3 file for Days 16-20

Right-click here to download mp3 file for Days 21-25

Right-click here to download mp3 file for Days 26-30

download instructions

After right-clicking on the above links, a little box should appear on your computer screen, which will say Save As, Save Target As, or Save Link As. Click on this - it will save the files to your computer.

To open the zip files you've downloaded to your computer, either double click on the zip file icon, then open the file of your choice. Or, right click on the zip file icon, and extract the files .

upload files to your kindle

You may prefer to use these files direct from your computer. However, should you prefer to upload them to your Kindle device, simply connect your Kindle to your computer using a USB cable, and transfer the PDF files (ie the flash cards) to your documents folder, and the MP3 files to your music or audible folder.

advice on printing off flash cards

You may like to print off physical flash cards from your computer.

Each PDF page is divided into four flashcards. Print them out onto A4 size paper - preferably quality card stock or A4 size photo paper - and cut out the four cards.

If you take a look at the images of the flash cards at the top of this page, you'll also see I've rounded off the corners - I think it finishes them off nicely.

As mentioned above, the flash card files are in PDF format, so you'll need Adobe Reader in order to open them.

It s more-than-likely you already have this installed.

However, if you don t, you can easily get Adobe Reader by clicking here (a new window will open so you can download without leaving this page).

Adobe Reader is completely FREE to install and use.

Should you encounter any difficulties, you can always get in touch with me via the Contact Form on this site.

Once downloaded and printed, you can use the flash cards to help memorize individual words ... you can always pass them over to friends or family members and ask them to test you.

The main thing is to have fun with your flash cards, and with your MP3's, and to get a good grounding in Spanish! Enjoy!

Want To Improve Your Spanish Verbs?

spanish verbs

Are you also interested in learning and perfecting your Spanish verbs?...

Then check out my Kindle book which deals with this subject - Conquer 918 Spanish Verbs - also complete with Spanish flash cards.

Just click here for the United States.

And here if you're in the UK.

Alternatively, search for the code B00EAM4HJO at your local Amazon Kindle Store.

Don't have a Kindle appliance? No problem ... You can read any Kindle book on your PC, Mac, Tablet or Smartphone using FREE software which Amazon provides.

Click here to download the Free Kindle Software for PC's

Or, click here to download the Free Kindle Software for MAC's


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