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With its wonderful beaches, scenery, plus ancient history, taking a trip to cantabria is a delightful experience.

Located in the north - and part of Green Spain - this tiny, one-province region has the splendid city of Santander as its capital.

Possessing spectacular landscapes - ranging from majestic mountains to lush, green meadows - its most notable natural landmark inland is the Picos de Europa Mountain Range.

Its coast offers some superb beaches, plus striking scenery formed by the Major and Ajo Capes.

Along with its magnificent contrast of unspoilt landscapes and wildlife are well-preserved, prehistoric cave paintings.

popular places

  • Santander
  • Santillana del Mar
  • Potes
  • Comillas

  • popular sights

  • Altamira Cave (prehistoric paintings)
  • El Sardinero (Santander s beach resort)
  • Grand Casino of El Sardinero
  • Sanctuary of St Toribio - Potes
  • Cabacerno Nature Reserve

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