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The wealth of tourism balearic islands results in this idyllic area being one of the most popular Spanish regions.

Located in the western Mediterranean Sea - off the coast of Valencia - the capital city is beautiful Palma, on that wonderful island Majorca.

The balearic islands consist of three major islands - Majorca (or Mallorca), Menorca, Ibiza - plus three smaller ones - Formentera, Cabrera and the uninhabited Dragonera.

With such variety, the Balearics truly offer all things to all people!

Majorca - the largest - attracts and satisfies everyone! The rich and famous ... the package holidays crowds ... nature lovers seeking rural tourism ...

Its capital city of Palma is a sophisticated jewel, possessing a wonderful cathedral, and with heaps to do - day or night.

Majorca also has so many blissful beaches - Magaluf, extremely popular with tourists ... Palma Nova ... Illetes ... Santa Ponsa ... to mention just a few.

Yet, away from the coastline, the landscape is picturesque and unspoilt.

Majorca also offers the splendid Cuevas de Drach - Dragon Caves - with awe-inspiring stalagmites, stalactites and underground lake.

The party-going, sizzling night-life type of tourism balearic islands belongs to Ibiza.

Ibiza Town and San Antonio certainly beckon to the young - and not-so-young!

The island is awash with beautiful beaches and hidden coves and, away from the two major towns, the countryside is unspoilt.

Menorca is the second-largest and most serene major island, with wetlands and archaeological sites in the interior.

Picturesque Mah n is its capital - as any Spanish cheese lover will know.

In 1993, UNESCO declared the island a Biosphere Reserve, resulting in tighter controls over development.

The unspoilt island of Formentera - reached by ferry - is another mecca for nature lovers.

tourism balearic islands - popular places

  • Palma - Majorca
  • Ibiza Town - Ibiza
  • San Antonio - Ibiza
  • Mah n - Menorca
  • Ciutadella - Menorca
  • Palma Nova - Majorca
  • Magaluf - Majorca
  • El Arenal - Majorca

  • tourism balearic islands - popular sights

  • Cuevas de Drach (Dragon Caves) - Majorca
  • Bellver Castle - Palma, Majorca
  • Cathedral - Palma, Majorca
  • Capilla de San Ciriaco - Ibiza
  • Est tua del Sagrado Coraz n de Jes s - Ibiza
  • Faro de Botafoc - Ibiza
  • Xoroi Caves - Menorca

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