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The tourist attractions in Extremadura are - unfortunately - not well-publicised, yet there are many wonderful sights to see with plenty of outdoor interests.

This remote, secret region lies to the west of Spain - between Portugal and La Mancha.

Made up of two provinces - C ceres to the north and Badajoz to the south - its capital is Merida, a jewel dating back to Roman times.

Tiny hamlets, charming villages and heritage-rich cities abound in this sparsely-populated land of vast plains, forests and mountains.

It s the land of the Spanish conquistadors - of Cort s, Pizarro, and Balboa.

Absence of sea and beaches keeps the package holidaymaker at bay, but there is oodles of outdoor fun with hunting, fishing and sports of all kinds.

A wonderland for nature and bird-lovers, with storks building their nests everywhere and countless rare birds in its nature reserves.

History and culture buffs will adore its cities - brimming with castles, palaces and monuments.

M rida - the capital - is packed with important Roman remains and possesses the longest bridge in Spain built by Romans.

The wonderfully walled city of Badajoz - the region s largest city - is home to a beautiful Arab citadel.

C ceres offers its Moorish walls and Renaissance palaces, Trujillo a Moorish castle, Guadalupe a Mudejar-style monastery, Plasencia a Gothic-Plateresque cathedral ...

Enjoy an unforgettable experience here - possibly in Spring or Autumn, for this vast region can be extremely hot in summer.

tourist attractions in Extremadura - popular places

  • M rida
  • Badajoz
  • C ceres
  • Trujillo
  • Guadalupe
  • Plasencia

  • popular sights

  • Roman Bridge - M rida
  • Museum of Roman Art - M rida
  • Arab citadel - Badajoz
  • Royal Monastery of Santa Mar a - C ceres
  • Museum - C ceres
  • Moorish castle - Trujillo
  • Monfrague National Park

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