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Vacation Package Spain ...

Everybody s Doing It!

Since the 1960s, with the birth of the famous vacation package Spain, tourism in Iberia has gone from strength to strength, and the country is now one of the most popular places in the world for spending vacations.

The heady mix of guaranteed sunshine and cheap vacations ensures that tourists flock to the Peninsula and its islands in their millions, never tiring of the wide variety of attractions that the country offers - and, at an affordable price.

So, what exactly will you be getting on your vacation package Spain? Usually, the minimum that is offered is a return flight plus either full-board or half-board in a hotel. The quality of the hotel will, obviously, vary according to the price you have paid.

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Hotels in Spain are classified with a five-star rating system, although only the very best and most well-equipped manage to attain the coveted five stars - and they are super!

However, on the normal vacation packages, you tend to be placed in a three- or four-star hotel (occasionally a two star), all of which should have fairly good facilities, with en-suite private bathroom and air conditioning.

At many of the more popular beach resorts, these hotels often provide quite good entertainment in the evening as well, all included in the price - perhaps musical and dance nights, a variety of acts, flamenco dancing, etc.

Even if your hotel itself does not offer this entertainment, should you be staying at one of these resorts, you can always pop into a hotel that does - nobody seems to mind, as long as you are prepared to buy a drink.

A one-star hotel is rather rare in Spain but, what can be confusing, are all the hostals and pensions that exist here. Many people wonder what the difference is between the two of them.

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Hostals can have anything from one to three stars and are often family-owned and run. Before the mass tourism of the 60s, hostals were extremely basic but, these days, you will usually find good accommodation and restaurants at a reasonable price. In fact, they can sometimes be superior in terms of comfort and facilities to a one or even two star hotel.

The typical vacation package Spain does not usually offer hostal accommodation, but they can be good value for money if organising your own holiday and enable you to enjoy cheap vacations.

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At the bottom end of the scale are the cheap pensions. These are usually small, family-run establishments and you will not often get your own bathroom.

Once again, they are not offered as part of the typical vacation packages, but the best of them do offer a clean, family environment at a reasonable price. Good for students or anyone wanting to see a different side of Spain from the usual large, high-rise hotel chains or anyone wanting to spend cheap vacations in the country.

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And, what sort of places will you be able to visit on a vacation package Spain? Nowadays, the vacation packages are not limited to offering beautiful beaches, bronzed bodies, brief bikinis and bottles of bacardi. Visitors would probably not return to the extent they do if this were the case.

Apart from beach holidays, there are vacation packages specialising in such areas as health and beauty spas, rural or eco-tourism, activity holidays, sight-seeing holidays, holidays where you are taught the language, cuisine or art of the country ... the list is endless.

And, during the winter months, some hotels offer incredibly low rates, especially for long stays, which can be of great interest to retired people and a marvellous way of obtaining cheap vacations.

One thing is for sure ... there is bound to be a vacation package Spain to suit you and at a price you can afford.

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