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Keen to learn about Babies Names In Spanish? Well, this page explains it all ... the use of Christian and surnames in Spain, Saints' names, it leads to pages with lists of Spanish girl names and Spanish male names, and recommends a really affordable Kindle Spanish baby name book which goes into the subject in depth ...

spanish baby names

spanish baby name book

It's now a good 25 years since I was searching for a suitable name for my soon-to-arrive "little bundle of joy"!

Although both English, my partner and I lived in Spain, and we knew that any children we had would be brought up in a Spanish community and go to a Spanish school etc. We were also very keen on Spain and everything Spanish.

What complicated matters slightly, was that we also mixed with British people and, of course, our wonderful families were English, so we needed to choose a name they could understand and pronounce.

And so started my research into baby names, specifically Spaish names ... a topic which ended up fascinating me, and becoming quite a hobby.

More recently, I was asked to dig out all this information once again, as the younger generation now needed it ... and so I enthusiastically updated, extended and compiled my research into a Kindle book, which you can learn about towards the end of this page.

But, for now, let's take a look at the use of Spanish baby names, where they tend to originate, and links to pages listing popular girls' and boys' Spanish given names ...

explaining Babies Names In Spanish - christian and surnames

spanish given names

The Spanish usually have one Christian name (even though this can be double-barrel) and two surnames.

Spain's traditionally a Roman Catholic country and, until not so long ago, if you wished your child to be baptized in the Church under a non-Biblical name, you had to receive permission from the Church authorities.

As a result, of course, most of the traditionally popular Spanish given names had strong religious connotations.

Christian names were also ofen double-barrel ones - for example the popular girl s name Mar a Jos and the equally popular boy s name Juan Carlos.

As the power of the Roman Catholic Church diminishes slightly, the tendancy to choose religious names has also decreased, as has the popularity of double-barrel first names.

Several Spanish parents of to-day's generation still like to name the first son after the father, and the first daughter after the mother. But, it's become increasingly popular to research the meaning of first names, and to decide on a name not because of its religious significance or family significance, but because it's a first name that the parents like and of which they appreciate the meaning.

What hasn't changed over the years is that the Spanish still possess two surnames.

This is because, when a girl marries, she does not give up her surname but keeps it and just adds her husband s surname, the two surnames then being passed on to any children they might have.

Babies Names In Spanish - saints or name days

spanish baby names

As Spain is a Roman Catholic country, a lot of importance has traditionally been placed on a person s Saint s Day or Name Day.

In fact, in the past, they were considerably more important than birthdays, and the more traditional Spanish first names tend to reflect this fact.

What, exactly, is a Saint's Day?...

Well, the Catholic Church celebrates each Saint on a particular day of the year, and you would celebrate your Saint's Day or Name Day on the festival day of the Saint you were named after.

As mentioned in the section above, until recently, the Church very much encouraged the choice of a Biblically-related first name, and so the majority of Spanish people would have a name related to a Saint.

Gifts and cards would be given to the person on their Saint's Day ... but this practice is very much on the decline, as is the choice of a Christian name purely for religious reasons, and the birthday has become the more important celebration in the Spain of to-day.

Spain has moved on since the days of Franco ... there is religious freedom and the Catholic Church is not the only Church permitted in Spain, Spain is now a member of the European Union, and the influence of countries worldwide exists here, all of which trickles down to the everyday task of parents choosing a name for their beautiful baby.

But Spain's been around for a long time, and has a varied and colourful history, so let's take a quick look at what has influenced Spanish baby names over the years ...

Babies Names In Spanish - origins

1. Biblical

Many popular saints' names appear in the New Testament and are generally either Hebrew - for example Juan and Mar a - or Greek - such as Pedro. There are also many Spanish equivalents of names from the Old Testament, such as the male Ad n (Adam) and Dav d (David) and the female Eva (Eve) and R t (Ruth) ... they're predominantly of Hebrew origin.

Being a Roman Catholic country, there's also a class of Spanish girls names which are given in honor of the Virgin Mary. Some, such as Dolores and Mercedes are taken from titles of Mary, whilst others such as Concepci n and Anunciaci n refer to events in her life.

2. From Countries Occupying Spain

During its long history Spain has, from time-to-time, been occupied by other countries. At one time, a great deal of the country came under Arab and Moslem rule whilst, later on, German tribes were present.

Carlos, Lu s and Matilda are Spanish equivalents of names adopted from the Germanic tribes. And the female name Almudena is derived from the Arabic al-madinat, meaning the city ... the Virgin of Almudena, ie Mary, is the Patron Saint of Madrid.

3. Mythology and Literature

As with many other countries, mythology and literature have left their mark, for example Beatriz and Melissa.

4. Tourism and Foreign Residents

The great influx of foreigners to Spain in more recent years has resulted in Spaniards adopting some of the more modern names used in other countries, in particular of course, names of cinema or pop stars.

Babies Names In Spanish - Kindle Book

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spanish baby name book
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Babies Names In Spanish - other pages of interest

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