Flying To Spain – Airports, Cheap Flights, & More

You should have no problem finding a flight going to Spain, for tourism is one of the country’s main industries.

And, those of you who need information about a specific Spanish airport and flights which go there, will find plenty of information at the links further down this page.

Happy landing!…


Spain has around 47 airports – find a list of the main ones in the box below.

Click on the name of the airport that interests you and you’ll be led to detailed information about that airport – address, lists of airlines offering flights, transferscar hire …


Flights to Spain can, basically, be divided into three groups – cheap flights … scheduled flights … and charter flights.

Cheap flights: If you are booking flights to Spain nearly all low-cost airlines fly to all major airports. Spain is a popular holiday destination which has attracted millions of different travelers from old and young to couples and families.

Scheduled flights are operated by specific airlines – like British Airways and Iberia – running regularly to a specified time. They offer such options as First Class, Business, Economy, etc.

Bargains on charter flights exist as a result of large Tour Operators booking blocks of seats on planes for their package holidays. They tend to overbook, rarely fill all their seats and then offer flight-only tickets at interesting prices.

Read reviews about the three main flight classes at the following links: