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Ibiza – What Can This Island Offer You Beyond Booze and Partying?

Ibiza appeals to the hippies, celebrities, and party animals. They all come to this Spanish southern coast of the Balearic island. 

It is a dream destination for people who love unceasing party action. The summer months see the maximum gatherings and the best DJs of the world drop on the island. 

The weather in Spain makes the time from mid-June till mid-September to be ideal for peak party season. However, you can choose to check the weather conditions before visiting as the conditions are hot, highly humid, and the islands remain packed with visitors. 

But it is worth mentioning that apart from the crazy party scenes, the volcanic island is also home to a host of other things. It has fantastic beaches, ancient towns, and great restaurants. 

Coffee at Town Marina

The Ibiza Town Marina has hundreds of floating boats in the Mediterranean sea. The coast has a range of trendy bars, boutique shops, restaurants, and hotels overlooking the docking stations. 

You can visit the Carrer Andenes and choose a place to enjoy your coffee from the range of restaurants and bars. What can be better with such a view in front of you, a hot cup of coffee to soak in the Spanish sun? 

There is no hurry in anyone’s movement. You get a sense of what Ibiza is about – a destination for the rich and famous. 

Walk Through Walled Old Town

An ancient sandstone fortress that gave protection from invaders and pirates is the Old Town or Dalt Vila. A walk around the fortress can easily be one of the best things to do in Ibiza. The walk down the city through the ancient gate makes it evocative. The town has a timeless feel.

There are a few interesting shopping options available here. You can also get some refreshing drinks to quench your thirst in the generations-old bodegas. The view from the top of the hill is awesome, and you can see the newer districts of Ibiza and the marina.

Hippy Market Visit

One of the best markets for shopping in Ibiza is the Punta Arabi Hippy Market. Throughout the summer, every Wednesday, you can head to this market to get a feel of the latest hippy fashion, tasty food stalls, one-of-a-kind jewelry, and live music for entertainment.

The market also has a dedicated children’s zone, making it ideal for families. The quirky market has tall pine trees all over to make the visitors enjoy cool temperatures. It is around twenty kilometers from town on the east coast. 

You can choose to stay at any hotel in Es Canar Town from there the market is only within walking distance. However, if you do not visit Ibiza on a Wednesday, you can check the numerous small markets in Ibiza, like Las Dallas market. This one convenes every Saturday during the summer months. 

Beach Time

The sandy and long strip coast beach of Salina is famous for the chic beach bars or Chiringuitos. You can hear Balearic tunes playing when you enter the bars. It remains very busy during the summer months as it is one of the most popular beaches of Ibiza. 

The culture is very cosmopolitan. You can choose to wear your best beachwear to gel with the cool beach crowd. There are people from various countries who choose Salina beach to lounge during the day.

The beach is close to the airport and is on the southern tip of Ibiza. You can try the expensive restaurants, which are plenty on the beach. The southern part of the beach is for nudists.

Seafood Paella

The iconic dish of Spanish cuisine, the paella, is a must on your things to try. The seafood paella has slow-cooked squid, fish, a variety of shellfish, and prawns with rice. The rich taste of the dish comes from the juices of seafood that soak up into the rice, making it incredibly awesome.

Paella is available everywhere in the different parts of Ibiza Town, the best place to have it is at the Cala Jondal Beach with your feet in the sand. You can choose to enjoy this classic Spanish dish under a parasol with the ocean breeze calming you. 

You can check the Tropicana Beach Club. They have outdoor and indoor sitting arrangements and are one of the finest restaurants on the island.

Though this article tries to give you a glimpse of the other side of Ibiza, you can also choose to do other activities. It can include a sail to Es Vedra, enjoy a sunset from Café Del Mar, or drink the refreshing Spanish drink – cava sangria. You can add a few partying spots to top it up. 

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