Yacht in front of Cathedral of Mallorca

Best Islands for Chartering a Yacht in Spain

Charting a yacht in Spain offers a remarkable adventure to the magnificent cities, the sumptuous cuisine, rich green landscapes and the captivating islands. The charters are centered in the Mediterranean coast where there are modern hubs such as Marbella and Barcelona. From these hubs the coastline stretches for approximately more than 1000 kilometers and the various islands have diverse amenities. Such as clubs, nightlife, restaurants and wellness studios.

The following are the various Islands:

Port Vendres

Your journey begins at Port Vendres. As you head to Port Roses, take a breath of the fresh air from the natural environment. Port Roses has great spots for swimming and relaxing, take advantage of them. Charter a luxury yacht in Spain, visit the protected marine Park at a Medes Island and Port Estartit. Be adventurous and go to Sa Tuna and Sa Riera which are close by.


Menorca is the next spot. On this island the ambience is suitable for relaxing. The beaches are filled with glistering speckles and turquoise rich waters. After relaxing take a walk in Ciutadella, check the shops and the various stone crafts. For cultural history, check out Talaia Cultura and the Cathedral of Ciudadela.


After arriving in Mallorca head to Palma which is the capital city. Enjoy viewing the elegant and outstanding medieval architecture of the Cathedral. Enjoy various caves while swimming in the clear sky blue waters. Want a bit of nightlife? Then stop at Magaluf. In the same place, enjoy the outdoor cafes and various pubs. Go on to the Northern side and have a look at the elegant art pieces and good beaches as well.


Welcome to White Island also known as Ibiza. This island is known as a UNESCO site because of its diverse culture, museums and well-kept archaeological history.

Take a hike through cliffs made of red rocks and well knitted pine forests.

Charter a luxury yacht in Spain and look forward to sunset. Ibiza comes alive at night with concerts, cultural shows, street markets and lounges on the terraces.


Arrive at Formentera and have fun while swimming in beaches considered to be the best worldwide. Though Formentera is tiny, it hosts quite a number of restaurants which serve a mix of sumptuous Mediterranean and Italian cuisines. Don’t leave before tasting the local honey, cheese and dried figs.


Finally, get to see architecture in medieval and gothic form in Barcelona. You will disembark at Port Vell Marina then walk for a few minutes to Las Ramblas, a well-known main street. Walk through the town as you visit the various shops and restaurants. The local markets have several tasty products. Other sights which you should visit include Park Guell, Picasso Museum and La Sagrada Familia. As the sun sets, Ibiza comes alive with streets and live performances.

Traveling Tips

Spaniards are stylish in the way they dress. This calls for you to pack the same. Have a neck wallet to keep all your documents and money safe. It is recommended you hang it on your neck then tuck it in the shirt making it invisible. Since you will be doing a lot of walking, get stylish comfortable flat shoes.

Let go of any worries and have a superb vacation.

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