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Top-Tour-of-Spain.com would love to work with you as a travel guest writer! Through our tireless efforts, our team has built a valuable audience of readers from countries all around the globe. We are now open to receiving guest posts that meet two requirements: it is related to the travel niche, and it is more than 600 words in length.

Please email me at My email address for guest posting or fill out the form below to submit your travel guest post!

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What is Travel Guest Posting?

What are the benefits of travel guest posts? What even IS travel guest posting? In this article, we’ll answer these important questions.

At its core, guest posting means composing a written work for publishing on another person’s website. You may also see people refer to guest posting as “guest blogging”. This article deals solely with the topic of travel guest posting.

When thinking about getting a travel guest post published, your target blogs must be in the travel niche. It’s extremely important to place your blog post on a website that matches your niche/topic. Below, we’ll share a summary of important steps to follow when guest posting in the travel niche.

  1. The first step is to figure out which sites are interested in accepting guest posts for travel content. When searching for blogs that are accepting content,  we recommend taking full advantage of search engine operators. Searching using the term “travel + write for us” should immediately give you a great starter list.
  2. Next, narrow down your list of websites based on quality and site authority. You don’t want to post your great content on a website that has no audience and no domain authority! There are tons of free or paid web tools for evaluating website traffic, quality, etc.
  3. After you’ve identified a handful of great websites, you should reach out to the webmasters via their contact forms. Another term for this is ” blogger outreach”. Before reaching out to the webmaster, try to research their site’s content, style, and feel. Use that research to make your outreach more relevant and personal – and you’ll be rewarded with a higher response rate!
  4. Once the editor confirms they are interested in your travel guest post, you can get to work writing and submitting it. When it comes to posting content, editors often have guidelines like word count, usage of headlines, etc. So make sure you follow their instructions. After doing all this work, no one wants to be turned down. When you submit your post, let the webmaster know that you’re happy to make any necessary changes. This will improve your chance of success.
  5. After the editor publishes your article, you should continue to build your relationship with the website. You should follow up periodically with comments on their new articles, ask questions, share strategies, and more. The last thing you want to do is go silent and lose contact. After building your relationship, you’ll be in a great position for submitting additional guest posts in the future!

What is Reverse Guest Posting?

Rather than submitting your guest posts to other sites, this term refers to you accepting them on your own site. In order to get submissions from aspiring bloggers, you should build a “Write For Us” page and link to it in your site’s header or footer. It’s important to list all of your conditions for posting, like word count, allowed niches, etc. By doing this, you’ll capture the attention of other bloggers seeking guest posting and unlock new opportunities for collaboration.

This completes our discussion of what guest posting is. While it’s not particularly complicated, it does take some elbow grease to accomplish. But the rewards can be profound!

Benefits of Guest Posting On Travel Websites

Although guest posting can be time-consuming, your travel site will reap many benefits. Here are 7 ways that travel guest posts can benefit your site.

  1. You unlock a new audience for your site.

By placing your content on other people’s websites, guest blogging will expose you to new, potentially profitable audiences. When your content appears on another site in your niche, your content gets in front of the eyes of a completely new audience, and the target blog essentially endorses you. If your article is interesting or helpful, you’re sure to gain new followers and clients.

  1. You are endorsed as an authority in your niche.

Another website posting your content is an implicit endorsement of you, the author, as an authority. This will lend you and your website credibility, not only in the eyes of the readers, but also in the eyes of search engines.

  1. You gain high-quality readers for your blog.

Travel guest posting brings net-new traffic to your website. After someone reads your guest post on another website, people may look up your brand name or click a link directly in the article itself. Because the readers are proven interested in your niche, this traffic is highly relevant and targeted.

  1. Your website gains high-quality backlinks.

Guest posting is the #1 white-hat link building tactic. When a blogger posts your guest article on their site, they may link directly to your blog. When one website links to another, this is a backlink. Backlinks are incredibly important for boosting your ranking and visibility in search engines. In Google’s organic search ranking algorithm, the number of links pointing to a website is perhaps the most influential factor.

  1. You forge connections with other travel bloggers.

As we discussed above, travel “write for us” pages help you make inroads with other bloggers across the globe. By nurturing these connections, you’ll benefit by gaining more exposure, earning more ad revenue, generating more sales, and more.

  1. Your website gets more high-quality content.

Once you start getting requests for guest posts, you’ll be able to pick and choose among dozens of articles. Some of these articles may end up being outstanding quality content – and you didn’t even have to write it yourself! By adding more high-quality posts to your site, you give your readers more content to enjoy and beef up your site!

  1. You become a more complete content strategist.

Guest blogging can help you practice your marketing and content strategy. From audience research, to blogger outreach, to content development, guest blogging helps you flex those content marketing muscles. Indeed, a guest posting campaign can help you become a more adept content marketer.

There are tons of benefits of travel guest posts for both the giver and receiver. If you stick to the guidelines above, respect other bloggers’ requirements, and produce interesting content, you’re sure to reap many guest posting benefits.