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A Gamer’s Guide to Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain and indeed the world, sandwiched as it is between mountains and the sea, creating the perfect cauldron for gamers to enjoy.

Barcelona is one of the most recognizable and culturally rich cities in Spain and indeed the world, boasting architecture inspired by the great Antoni Gaudí, as well as pristine beaches and tapas wherever you look.

However, one aspect of the city which is often underplayed is its status as one of the main gaming and Esports hubs in Spain. Here we explore the parts of this beautiful city which will have gamers coming back for more. Once you have landed at El Prat de Llobregat Airport, these are the places that all gamers should visit in this, the capital of Catalonia.

Gaming With Views of the Sea

One of the first places any keen gamer will be keen to visit in Barcelona is the city’s beach, and not just because of its blue waters and well-kept sands, because the Casino Barcelona is also situated right there on the beach front. This means it can be incorporated into the ultimate summer vacation, whereby gamers can play all of their favourite games in between taking dips in the sea and devouring a plate or two of Fideuá.

As well as hosting all the typical casino games that people would expect from such a grand establishment, the casino also plays host to some of the biggest poker tournaments in Europe, welcoming players from all over the world to come and compete.

Board Game Bars All the Rage in Barcelona

If you like gaming but prefer to play simply for the love of the game, then there are a whole host of board game cafes and bars in and around Barcelona, each with its own distinctive vibe.

Bar La Cotxera gives visitors the chance to play board games against some locals, in a part of the city where tourists tend not to venture, Vilapicina. As the night moves on, the games get cleared away and the place turns into more of a night club or blues bar, depending on what the schedule is.

For gamers who want to remain more centrally situated there is Kaburi Rol & Games which can be found on Sant Joan; set across a huge open plan space packed with games and comfy seating. There is also Firefly Drinks & Games in Eixample, which is something of an homage for fans of science fiction, as its walls are adorned with characters and scenes from movies like Star Wars and Star Trek. Last but by no means least there is Bar Queimada-Nivell Q, which also has a huge selection of games.

Wide lens image of Camp Nou in Barcelona

If football Esports are a particular gamer’s favourite, they can always take a break from their screen and head to see the real thing at Camp Nou

Esports Centres Popping Up All Over the Place

One of the biggest growth areas when it comes to gaming spaces in the city are Esports arenas and centres with more and more popping up all the time.

247 Gaming is perhaps the most advanced and welcoming of these, boasting top of the range hardware, and being well established since way back in 2014. The place offers everything from VR headsets all the way through to top of the line PCs for individuals or groups of friends to book out and game away on.

Competing hard with 247 Gaming is the Elite Gaming Center, which very much lives up to its name, playing host to some of the city’s more serious Esports players. Not that this should put newbies off from taking a look and asking if they can have a go.

E3 Expo

Billed as one of the biggest video game exhibitions anywhere in the world, E3 usually takes place annually in the month of June and brings every imaginable game developer and designer to the city, as they all conflab about how to move the industry forward. Gamers can sit in on all the discussions as well as trying their hand at some games that are not even on the market yet.

Parting Words

If you’re interested in gaming and going to Barcelona, there are tons of options. We hope this article helped to show you some of the great ways you can engage with gaming while on your trip!

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