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Spain Airport Transfers – Save Time, Effort, & Stress

spain airport transfers – booking a flight to the airport is only the start … so, on this page, we consider affordable, reliable, and safe ways of getting from the Spanish airport of your choice to your actual holiday destination, and back again …

Nowadays, it’s easy enough to find cheap air flights to Spain on the Internet, isn’t it?

But, how do you actually get to your hotel/apartment once you’ve arrived in Spain … and back again?

Often, you end up paying more for the taxi you catch at the airport, than you did for the flight.

The answer to this problem is to book airport transfers in advance.

These don’t cost a lot, and they mean you’ll be able to enjoy your flight, happy in the knowledge that traveling from the airport to your final destination is not going to be a major problem.

Over recent years, many different airport transfer and shuttle companies have started up, so you’ve plenty of choice.

We’ve studied all the main ones, and have come to the conclusion that, as far as airport transfers and shuttles in Spain are concerned, the company called Resorthoppa is about the best.

When we reviewed them, they seemed to offer the cheapest prices.

Whilst on the topic of price, I’d like to mention that you can choose either pounds sterling or euros.

And, strangely enough, when I was looking, their euro prices seemed to be much better than their pound sterling prices.

I don’t know whether this is always the case – and their sterling prices are still extremely competitive – but, if you are considering booking with them, I would recommend checking out the two prices (euro and sterling), to see if there’s much difference in the price.

As with most airport transfer companies, Resorthoppa offers the choice of a shared shuttle service and a private transfer service.

One would always presume that the shuttle service would be cheaper than their private or taxi service.

However, this is not always the case – sometimes the private (taxi) service works out cheaper than the shared shuttle.

So, remember to check out these points if you’re interested in booking with them – first of all work out which currency is best to pay in; and also check out whether their shuttle or taxi service is the best option for the destination of your choice.

Of course, if you’re planning on doing a lot of exploring whilst on holiday, your best option will be to hire a car, which you can collect at the airport and leave at the airport when you go. If this is the case, you may like to check out the reviews on our car rental in Spain page.

Below, you’ll discover links leading to some of Resorthoppa’s main destinations in mainland Spain and the Islands, along with approximate prices of their shuttle and taxi services there.

It’s a sound company, with several years’ experience, very good prices, and also offers its services in numerous other countries.

Towards the end of the page, you’ll also find links offering you general information about the main Spanish airports and their flights.

Enjoy your journey and your holiday!




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