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Best Ways for Foreigners to Find Jobs in China

China has become one of the world’s most important economies, with each change deeply affecting global economic wellbeing. With China’s economy booming, it’s no secret that many foreigners travel there to find jobs.

Below, we’ll discuss some of the top ways foreigners can find jobs in China.

1. Social media: collage, Facebook, twitter, microblog, official public website, etc.

Pros: They are widely spread and many foreign talents have multiple social media accounts on which they can share, pass and collect information in various aspects.

Disadvantages: It is time-consuming and requires long-term maintenance of the company’s official recruitment account or HR’s personal account, which requires a lot of time to establish contact with candidates, and is not applicable to urgent recruitment positions.

2. Job fairs

For foreign talents, some government agencies or foreign recruitment companies such as in China Foreign Talent Network will hold job fairs on site every year, about 800-1000 foreign talents will be present each time.

Advantages: low cost and face-to-face communication with foreign talents.

Disadvantage: It is basically held 1-2 times a year only in first-tier cities.

3. Foreign talent headhunting,

headhunting companies specializing in foreign talent search services, such as Hiredchina in China foreign talent network to provide headhunting services, visas, backing transfer, consulting and other one-stop services.

Pros: Specializing in foreign talent search, they can accurately grasp job requirements, quickly and accurately find suitable candidates, and conduct professional communication and coordination and onboarding work.

Disadvantage: The cost is slightly higher than other recruitment channels, and the general charge is about 20% of the annual salary of the position.

4、International Student Center of Universities

Pros: Universities provide free information on job hunting for international students International students’ salaries are relatively low

Disadvantage: Foreign students who need internship can apply for “internship” on the residence permit of study category with the certificate of enrollment and consent to participate in off-campus internship issued by the university and the certificate of acceptance of internship issued by the internship unit, etc. Only some cities have more lenient policies, and the graduation time is concentrated, so there are no graduates available for employment.

5. Agency for dispatching foreign interns

Advantages: The cost is relatively low, and foreign interns are dispatched for a relatively low salary, and the dispatching agency is responsible for the procedures related to these interns.

Disadvantages: The recruitment cycle is long. The dispatching agency will contact foreign universities and colleges according to the needs of the companies, arrange interviews and apply for visas before they can come to China for internship, which takes a long time. The internship period is short, usually only 3-6 months, and the interns have no work experience and can only do simple work.

6. Introduction through friends or colleagues

Advantages: low cost, better understanding of the recommended candidates, good stability, and easy to find some part-time jobs such as foreign models and online English tutors.

Disadvantages: relatively fragmented, difficult to meet the large number of recruitment needs.

7. Website and public recruitment is also the main channel, but basically only the head of a few of the traffic and the number of resumes is still good.

Some other websites are only for foreign teachers, and there are very few foreign talents recruiting for the whole industry like in China Foreign Talent Network.

Before you try to look for a job in China, make sure you have your diploma and background check ready, and complete the Chinese embassy document authentication in order to get your work permit.


As recent as 10 years ago, foreigners came to China solely for the purposes of tourism or vacation. However, as China’s economy has developed, it’s become quite the destination for people seeking employment. In this article, we’ve shared 7 ways that foreigners can find jobs in China. Let us know in the comments what you think!

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