Finding a Property Lawyer in Spain

And now the time has actually arrived to buy your dream property in Spain … perhaps even relocate here.

It’s all a bit nerve-racking … After all, you’ve heard so many stories about people losing the shirts off their back and returning home penniless.

For this reason, you feel you should obtain legal advice.

But, where do you find a reputable real estate lawyer in Spain … and are they really necessary for buying your dream home in the sun? …

Picture of Spanish coastal property

Do you really need a Lawyer?

First of all, it is perfectly possible to purchase property without employing a lawyer and to leave everything in the hands of real estate agents.

Or, if it’s a private sale, read over this short guide to buying property in Spain, download the FREE ebook at the end of this page, and do it yourself.

However, with real estate agents, their prime concern is to make the sale.

It is, therefore, very much in your interests to employ your own legal advisor – whether you’re buying privately, or through a real estate agent.

How do you find a property lawyer in Spain?

The word abogado means lawyer, solicitor or attorney.

Consulates maintain lists of lawyers who speak the language of their nationality, and they should be able to provide you with names of lawyers in your area.

They are not recommending these lawyers as the best available – only as lawyers who speak your language.

Another option is to ask local residents if they can recommend anyone.

Those of you interested in the Costa Blanca can browse a list of English-speaking lawyers in that area, here.

How much do they cost?

Lawyers’ fees vary widely in Spain.

A rough estimate for property transactions should be one percent of the sale price.

Ask the fee/percentage in advance.

The Colegio de Abogados publishes a booklet each year, listing approximate/minimum fees.

Where can I complain if something goes wrong?

The Law Society in Spain – the Ilustre Colegio de Abogados – is a professional organization that watches standards.

It has branches in each province and you can complain directly to this body about one of its member lawyers.

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