About Us

Are you wondering about us, who built this website, how it came into being?

If you are, then you’ve come to the right place. For here, you’ll get to know a little about who you’re dealing with and why the site was built.

The Internet can be such a faceless place so I do hope that, after reading this, you’ll feel more confident about using the site.

Also, for British people in particular who dream of one day settling in Spain, I hope my story will make you realise that your dreams can certainly be realised …


My name is Linda. Although English, I’ve lived permanently on the Costa Blanca
in Spain for a good 25 years.

Most of that time I spent in the area’s main tourist resort of Benidorm. But, some
5 years or so ago, we moved just outside, to the quieter town of Alfaz del Pi.

Before living in Spain, I worked in Brussels as a bilingual secretary – French and Spanish.

But my years on the Costa Blanca have been mainly dedicated to the travel and property industries.

Along with that, I’ve also been busy raising my daughter – Vicky – who is now 23.

Although of English parents, Vicky was born and raised out here in Spain, attending local Spanish state schools and colleges … as a result, she now seems more Spanish than English!

Top Tour of Spain Was Born …

As my daughter became older, she didn’t need me so much and, for once, I had some spare time on my hands.

I decided the time had come to take up a new hobby – I was going to build myself a website!

At this time, I knew very little about the Internet and absolutely nothing at all about building websites … but the idea appealed, and so I decided to go for it.

During my years here, I’d amassed a tremendous amount of useful knowledge about Spain and the Spanish language – travel, culture, property, living here, bringing up children here …

Moreover, Spain and the Spanish people had been absolutely wonderful to me … and I felt a strong urge and need to spread the word about them, as a sort of homage.

The aim of the site was – and still is – to give as much helpful information and advice about every aspect of Spain to you as I can. And, of course, to introduce you to the beautiful, romantic Castilian Spanish language.

Top Tour of Spain’s Future …

We have tons of exciting things planned for the site’s future – more powerful information … unique and affordable products … plus, we’re in the throws of redesigning the site.

So, I guess I’ll just continue living in the place I love, writing about the subject I love, and expanding the business.

Life is good when you work at following your dreams …