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The Magic of Spain, Issue #003 - Newsletter
December 05, 2004

It s Linda Plummer here from
to deliver your monthly update on
Spain via the newsletter "The Magic
of Spain".

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1. Mediterranean Cruise from Barcelona.
2. Christmas in Spain.
3. Christmas Words in Spanish.

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One of the nice things about living in
Spain is that you are close to the
Mediterranean and therefore able to
enjoy a cheap Mediterranean cruise.

I have just returned from an 8-day
Mediterranean cruise on the Grand Latino
with Iberojet (
and had a great time!

The ship left from Barcelona and stopped off
at a different port each day. We visited
Sardinia, Tunisia, Malta, Naples/Pompey,
Rome and Monaco before returning to

The food, entertainment and company were
all excellent, as was the price!

As we went in November, the price was
349 euros per person in a double, interior

On top of this, we received a 15% discount
because we booked at least 2 months in

Included was full board (breakfast, lunch,
tea, dinner and midnight snacks - am now
on a diet!), entertainment and use of the
ship s facilities - gym, sauna, pools,
discotheque etc.

Excellent value for money and I look
forward to going again!

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Climate and temperature vary greatly
throughout this vast country in winter
but, on the Costa Blanca where I live,
temperatures usually hover around the
20 degrees Centigrade mark.

Christmas has witnessed many changes
in the 20 years I ve been here.

When I first arrived, Santa was not
acknowledged, the children receiving
their presents on Three Kings Day, on
6 January.

Christmas trees, lights, tinsel, crackers
and large turkeys were unobtainable.

Nowadays, it is a different story. Spain -
like any good mother - has taken Christmas
Day under her wing and celebrates it just
as much as any of her other fiestas.

However, the Spanish do tend to have their
Christmas meal and celebrations on
Christmas Eve, with Christmas Day being
fairly quiet - recovering from the night

Most of the day is spent preparing food and
then, about 9-10 pm on Christmas Eve, the
meal starts.

A typical meal would start with seafood, be
followed by a main course of either fish
or meat, and rounded off with coffee,
liqueurs and turr n.

Turr n is a Spanish sweet available in many
different flavors.

Finally, champagne is used to toast Christ s
birthday and people open their presents.

Those who wish will then go to Midnight Mass.
Children will go to bed and youngsters will
go out on the town to celebrate further.

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To extend your vocabulary, here are a few
seasonal words in Spanish.

Feliz Navidad .......... Happy Christmas
Papa Noel .............. Father Christmas
rbol de navidad ....... Christmas tree
regalos ................ presents
estrella ............... star
villancico ............. Christmas carol
pavo ................... turkey
mandarinas ............. tangerines
naranjas ............... oranges
cava ................... Spanish champagne
vino tinto ............. red wine
vino blanco ............ white wine
vino rosado ............ ros wine

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It just remains for me to wish you all a
Very Merry Xmas!

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interested in Spain, I hope you will forward
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Until next time!

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