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The Magic of Spain, Issue #007- Newsletter
November 06, 2005

It s Linda Plummer here from

to deliver your monthly update on Spain via the
newsletter The Magic of Spain.

We re back from our 6-day group tour of Andalucia
and - as I warned in last month s newsletter - the
details are below!

* * * * * * * * * *

After travelling through miles and miles of olive
our first stop was Seville.

What can I say about this gorgeous, elegant city
that has not already been said? I could spend
absolutely ages there!

If I were journeying to Spain and only had time to
visit two cities, I would choose Madrid and Seville.

Both packed with history and art, you would see two
very different sides of Spain. Plus, they are connected
by the high-speed AVE train.

I will not go into all the sightseeing we did as those
insterested can find further information on Seville here:

Suffice to say we had a great time and enjoyed a
very fine flamenco show as well!

Waving good-bye to Seville we continued to charming
Cordoba - so astoundingly pretty with its
cobbled streets, flower-potted lanes and wonderful
historical sites.

Next stop was Granada.

We stayed in a hotel near the magnificent Alhambra -
at the foot of the Sierra Nevada ski slopes.

We had actually stayed at this hotel a few years previously -
whilst on a ski-ing holiday - and it was a pleasure to

Most of our group took the opportunity to visit the
splendid Alhambra but, having done this on previous
occasions, we went into the city centre - just a
5-minute bus ride away.

I love Spanish food - tapas in particular! So we
enjoyed ourselves sampling a few absolutely delicious ones -
interspersed with going round the shops!

You will find a couple of the recipes in my soon-to-be-completed
e-book which has 300 marvellous Spanish Tapas Recipes!
However, I digress!

Next day was spent journeying along the superb Costa
del Sol
to spend the night just outside Torremolinos.

The following day was dedicated to beautiful Gibraltar -
with its apes and duty-free shops! (Did I mention that my
daughter likes shopping?!)

After a good night s sleep, it was time for the long journey
home. But ... what a lovely time we d had!

Now that I ve had a rest, I want to go to Andalucia again -
spend longer in Seville, visit Jerez (along
with the Royal Equestrian School), Ronda and
Cadiz ... Better start earning some money!

* * * * * * * * * *

A friend was over recently and we spent a pleasant afternoon
visiting a turron factory in Jijona.

Turron is a sweet made from almonds - very
popular in Spain at Christmas-time.

As we are approaching the festive season, (sorry about
reminding you!) next month I will tell you a little
about turron and what goes on in Spain at Christmas-time!

* * * * * * * * * *

Remember that, if you wish to learn a little Spanish,
you can download my free e-book entitled Basic Spanish

And, if you are interested in Spanish food, keep an eye
open for my Spanish Tapas E-book, with its 300
mouth-watering recipes!

It should be up on my website fairly soon!

So, have a good month and, if you want to get in touch with
any queries or comments, just email me at:

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