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Top Tour of Spain Newsletter
July 15, 2007

Linda here with your latest Top Tour of Spain

In this month's issue, we'll be taking a look

- Running of the Bulls - Pamplona's San Ferm n
- Dating in Spain
- A Couple of FREE Downloads



The media in Spain this week has been full of
information about Pamplona's world-renowned fiesta -
the "Fiesta San Ferm n" or "Running of the Bulls".

It takes place during the second week of July -
from 7th July until 14th July, so we're just coming
towards the end of it!

The week-long festivities actually begin on the
6th July, with the Chupinazo ... when , just before
mid-day, the Mayor greets packed crowds from the
Town Hall balcony, and hundreds of bottles of champagne
are uncorked and sprayed everywhere!

The merriment has begun ... and it will continue
day and night until 14th July!

The famous bull runs - actually known as the Encierro -
take place each morning ...

At 8 am, a rocket announces the opening of the
Santo Domingo enclosure, from which 6 large, raging
bulls emerge!

The route to the bullring is 825 metres long,
and the run generally lasts around 3-4 minutes.

Hundreds of either very foolish or brave young
(and not so young!) men run in front of the
bulls. Normally, they dress in the traditional
red and white colours, and sport the red
San Ferm n neckerchiefs.

Many will stumble on the way ... to be gored
by angry bulls.

The course continues past the Callej n - the
funnelled final section - to end in the

Bodies that took a pounding will be transported
to hospital, whilst everyone else spends the
rest of the day and night celebrating - except,
that is, for the hardworking medical staff and
street cleaners!



Sometimes, I'm asked how to find your "media
naranja" or perfect partner in Spain.

This task has been made a lot easier by the
numerous dating sites you'll find on the web.
Some specialise in Spain ... others have a more
international flavour.

To join and upload your details is nearly always
free but, very often - though not always - you
have to pay somewhere along the line in order
to contact people or for them to contact you.

If you can't be bothered with dating sites,
and don't want to fork out any money, why
not just place an ad for FREE on the extremely
well-known and much-visited You
will find a section for Spain.

One international dating site which seems to be
completely free can be found at:

Others which either specialise in Spain,
or have a Spanish branch, include:


When using dating sites, they say you get a
better response when including a photo.

So, get some good photos of yourself and start
tarting them up a bit!

Let's look at some FREE software you can
download that will help you achieve this ...



When you see beautiful pictures of gorgeous
girls (and boys!) in magazines, more-often-
than-not, the photos have been enhanced
using a well-known software called

Photoshop is available to everyone, but
it is fairly expensive.

So, if you can't afford Photoshop but
wish to improve your photos or resize
them, here are two good FREE downloads
that will help you do just that.

First of all, check out Perhaps
not as good as Photoshop, it is very similar
and offers many of its features.

Secondly, if you wish to resize photos,
a good, FREE software you can download from
the Net is Irfanview - just do a search
and you'll find several places where you
can download it.

Now there's no excuse for any of you to
not look good in your photos! You'll
even be able to make up photos of yourself
with your favourite actor/actress/singer!


That's all for this month.

See you next month!


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